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Home from home

— Toronto


Following the success of our Hong Kong shop and bureau set up, we’ve replicated the concept in Toronto’s Little Italy – only it’s 20 times the size.

Enn and Jannik Varrick, Herman Miller, Interior design, Media, Monocle, Vitsoe shelving

Regular listeners to Monocle 24 may have noticed that some accents pop up in Studio One at Midori House more often than others. While we have over 20 nationalities represented at our London home, it’s rare to go a day without hearing a soft Canadian cadence in the offices of both Monocle and our sister company, Winkreative. With bureaux in Hong Kong, New York and Tokyo, it was about time to open an outpost for our colleagues who hail from north of the 49th. This autumn, Toronto’s College Street became the first Canadian home for the Monocle Shop…


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