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For the second in this month’s special round-table series we talked with four businessmen about craftsmanship, manufacturing and the importance of where things are made.

David Hieatt, Durrants Hotel, Gary Bott, Globe-Trotter, Hiut Denim, Ludwig Reiter, Till Reiter

Monocle has always stayed abreast of the “Made In” debate. Our contention is that provenance matters. In 2012 we’ve seen a discussion ignite around the issue of re-shoring – that is, the repatriation of manufacturing to Europe and the US from cheaper labour markets. But will re-shoring really catch on? Does it have real value?

To discuss this and other issues about the state of craft and manufacturing in Europe we invited four industry specialists to the venerable Oak Room at Durrants Hotel in Marylebone, London, for a business lunch. Over pan…

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