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Press gang

— Paris


For a nation founded on the libertarian spirit, France’s media has traditionally kept a respectful distance when reporting on those in power. But recent high profile exposés are pushing the debate back into the spotlight.

Aude Baron, BFMTV, France 24, Harold Hyman, Le Nouvel Observateur, Olivier Royant, Paris Match, Renée Kaplan

A certain amount of nostalgia for the days of Nicolas Sarkozy seems to linger in the French media; his face and colourful life did no harm to the sales of newspapers and magazines. It may still be early days but many within the French press establishment believe his successor, François Hollande, has not yet shown the same flair for seducing the cameras.

The French media is known traditionally for respecting the private lives of public figures but it is clear old norms are being challenged. An array of new gossip magazines and lawyers are being kept…


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