Viennese waltz— Vienna


From glassware to gloves and we’ve scoured Vienna to find the best Austrian goodies you can take home and give to your loved ones this Christmas. Providing you can squeeze them into your Rimowa.

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  1. Adolf Loos carafe and glasses tumbler, lobmeyr.at
  2. Bründlmayer wine, bruendlmayer.at
  3. Vintagerie Rosé, vintagerie.at
  4. Apfelmus and Kremel, stauds.com
  5. Riess storage jars, riess.at
  6. Lobmeyr glasses, lobmeyr.at
  7. Snakeskin laptop case by Rose Beck, rosebeck.at
  8. Tumbler by Lobmeyr, lobmeyr.at
  9. Bag by Robert Horn, rhorns.com
  10. Snakeskin key holder by Rose Beck, rosebeck.at
  11. Business card holder by Robert Horn, rhorns.com
  12. Felt slippers by Loden Plankl, loden-plankl.at
  13. Stationery set by Huber & Lerner, huber-lerner.at
  14. Yellow spectacles by Andy Wolf, andy-wolf.at
  15. Horn…

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