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Paraguay’s establishment was shaken by the election of Fernando Lugo as president but his dubious removal after four years in power has failed to silence the outspoken former Catholic bishop. He spoke to Monocle on the eve of new elections scheduled for April.

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Fernando Lugo swept to Paraguay’s presidency in 2008. The former priest was everything the establishment wasn’t: progressive, leftist and prepared to shake up the impoverished nation’s archaic institutions. He survived four years and then, in the blink of an eye, he was gone.

Last June, Lugo was impeached and removed from office for “poor performance in his duties” following clashes over lands rights in the southern district of Curuguaty that left 17 dead. Brazil and Argentina called his ousting a coup, while Chilean leader Sebastián Piñera deno…

Asunción Express

Fernando Lugo CV

1953 Born in San Pedro del Paraná, Paraguay, on 30 May
1977 Finishes religious science studies at Catholic University in Asunción
1978 Becomes a priest and is sent to work in Ecuador
1982 Returns to Paraguay
1983 Leaves to study sociology in Rome
1987 Returns to Paraguay a second time
1994 Becomes bishop of San Pedro
2005 Resigns his bishopric
2008 Leaves the church for secular life
2008-2012 President of Paraguay until impeachment and removal from office on 22 June 2012
2013 Heads the list of Frente Guasú senate candidates for 21 April elections


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