September 2013

From the best schools for useful degrees to tips from leaders who've lived it, Monocle meets the people shifting fresh products, services and experiences.

Business / Film

Home movie

Monocle gets behind the scenes of Brunei’s first-ever commercial feature film as local artists look to establish an indigenous movie industry to rival their Asian neighbours and make a splash on the international stage.

Affairs / Politics

Let's talk

When it comes to peace treaties, where there’s a will there’s a Norway. The peace and reconciliation unit in Oslo is involved in 20 such projects around the world – and one of the most prominent has brought the Colombian…

Business / CEOs

Out on his own

John Jay helped make the Portland-based advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy a global creative force through work for Nike, Uniqlo and others. With his own spin-off, GX, he plans even bigger coups – by starting small.

Affairs / Diplomacy

World class

In diplomatic schools across the globe a fresh generation of young thinkers are learning how to improve international relations from the institutions that spawned today’s political heavyweights.


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