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779 4 Nov 2014

As fighting intensifies in Benghazi, we get the latest from Libya. Plus: we ask when Burkina Faso’s army will return the country to civilian rule, discuss India’s dangerous roads and hear about smart lighting in Denmark.

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778 3 Nov 2014

What’s next for Burkina Faso after the resignation of its president Blaise Compaoré? We also hear from Moscow after Sunday’s elections in eastern Ukraine and look ahead to the Melbourne Cup horse race.

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777 31 Oct 2014

As Burma’s political and ethnic leaders agree to work on reforms and peace talks, we ask how robust the consensus really is. Also, we hear about protests in Burkina Faso and discuss Israel’s reaction to Sweden recognising Palestine as a state.

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776 30 Oct 2014

Is Liberia experiencing a decline in the spread of Ebola? Plus we ask why the EU has lifted its freeze on the assets of late Serbian president Slobodan Milosevic and discuss the Thai prime minister’s visit to Cambodia.

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775 29 Oct 2014

We ask what Iraqi Peshmerga fighters will add to the fight against Islamic State militants in Kobane, hear from Amnesty International as Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim appeals against a sodomy conviction, and we review the legacy of outgoing European Commission President José Manuel Barroso.

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774 28 Oct 2014

Following Isis’s defeat in the Iraqi town of Jurf al-Sakha, we round up the latest from the region. Plus we hear the Russian foreign minister’s reaction to Ukraine’s parliamentary election and review the South American papers.

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773 27 Oct 2014

As Dilma Rousseff is re-elected president of Brazil, we ask what challenges lie ahead. Also we hear about Tunisia’s elections as secular party Nidaa Tounes takes the lead and we ask whether it’s right to speak of a new intifada in Jerusalem.

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772 24 Oct 2014

As European leaders agree on a new target to cut greenhouse gas emissions, we ask how significant the deal is. Plus, we hear about the launch of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank proposed by China, and review the Latin American newspapers.

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771 23 Oct 2014

With Canada's prime minister vowing to “redouble” his nation’s fight against terrorist organisations, we reflect on yesterday’s shootings in Ottawa. Plus the latest from the European Council summit and business news from Bloomberg.

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770 22 Oct 2014

Have arms airdropped by the US fallen into Isis hands? And why has North Korea released one of its American prisoners? Also on the programme we pay tribute to former Washington Post executive editor Ben Bradlee.

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769 21 Oct 2014

With talks set to take place between protestors and government officials, we hear the latest from Hong Kong. Plus we reflect on the death of Total chief executive Christophe de Margerie and report on the fight against Isis in Kobane.

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768 20 Oct 2014

What the resignation of two ministers from Shinzo Abe’s cabinet means for the leader, we discuss the significance of Nigeria being declared free of Ebola by the World Health Organisation, review the North American papers and get business news from Bloomberg’s Pimm Fox.

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