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870 11 Mar 2015

Wednesday 11 March: 

We discuss violence in Pakistani politics, find out how governments influence demographic trends, predict the political future of Silvio Berlusconi and see what happens when creativity goes to court.

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869 10 Mar 2015

Tuesday 10 March: 

We analyse the GOP plan to sabotage the White House’s Iran talks, discuss Venezuelan politics, review the new Apple watch and see how Japan is using ninjas to boost tourism.

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868 9 Mar 2015

Monday 9 March: 

We discuss the continuing fallout following the murder of Boris Nemtsov, ask who’s behind political violence in Thailand, debate whether the EU needs an army and look at the state of aviation safety.

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867 6 Mar 2015

Friday 6 March: 

Political opposition in Russia has a face again today with the release of Alexei Navalny – how will the national conversation be impacted? We also probe the feather-ruffling appointment of a new boss for the Centre Pompidou in Paris, and check in on the week in fashion.

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866 5 Mar 2015

Thursday 5 March: 

After a knife attack on the US Ambassador in Seoul we discuss the media’s coverage of events. Plus, we hear from Singapore for the latest on the Global Security Asia conference and Murdo Morrison gives us the week’s top aviation news.

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865 4 Mar 2015

Wednesday 4 March: 

Germany’s Angela Merkel is in Belgium today for economic talks under the spectre of a Greek exit from the EU. But how will the ongoing crisis in Ukraine affect proceedings? Plus a new terminal for Singapore’s Changi airport and a new exhibition chronicling wartime fashion.

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864 3 Mar 2015

Tuesday 3 March: 

Boris Nemtsov’s girlfriend managed to flee Russia this morning for her mother’s home in Ukraine but will intimidation from the Kremlin follow her? We also find out how the rise of the right is affecting Italy’s political climate, leaf through the day’s North American newspapers and get the latest business stories.

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863 2 Mar 2015

Monday 2 February: 

We look at an awkward potential confrontation between US secretary of state John Kerry and Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov, hear how energy talks with Ukraine might be affected by the crisis, and ask is Australia about to call off the search for MH370?

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862 27 Feb 2015

Friday 27 February: 

We discuss the Greek economy and Estonian elections, talk stats with Ben Page of Ipsos Mori and find out why some Turkish political candidates are donning Ottoman attire.

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861 26 Feb 2015

Thursday 26 February : 

We go over the North American front pages, analyse the continuing US-Israeli diplomatic spat and hear from the QVED Editorial Design Conference in Munich.

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860 25 Feb 2015

Wednesday 25 February: 

We look at Qatar’s geopolitical allegiances, explore why Africa is the new spying global hotspot, discuss the week’s top tech stories, and visit the International Contemporary Art Fair Arco Madrid.

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859 24 Feb 2015

Tuesday 24 February: 

We discuss Iranian nuclear talks, the 2022 World Cup in Qatar and the future of Berlin’s new airport. Plus profane language in Indian cinema and the week’s top aviation news.

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