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6 Oct 2012



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6 October, 2012

Episode 6

55 minutes

We're joined by Guy Andrews who is reinventing cycling magazines with “Rouleur” and Danny Miller, founder of creative agency The Church of London.

6 October, 2012


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152 25 Jul 2015

Crossing borders : 

Tyler Brûlé’s insights on Nikkei’s purchase of the ‘Financial Times’ and what this means for print. Plus we leaf through Indian mountaineering magazine ‘The Outdoor Journal’, New Zealand culture title ‘White Fungus’ that moved to Taiwan and New York-based gastronomy magazine ‘Gather Journal’.

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151 18 Jul 2015

It’s summer!: 

Tyler Brûlé reveals Monocle’s new summer journal, ‘The Escapist’, with creative director Richard Spencer Powell. He also reviews some holiday magazine selections with Francine Lawrence. Plus: Poppy Shibamoto speaks in praise of ‘Kurashi No Techo’ magazine from Japan.

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150 11 Jul 2015

Thessaloniki to Tokyo: 

Description: Tom Edwards is in conversation with Tyler Brûlé, who has been checking out the newsstand in Hong Kong and Tokyo. We also welcome MagCulture's Jeremy Leslie to review ‘IL’, ‘Mushpit’ and ‘MacGuffin’. Plus we go to Greece to leaf through travel titles ‘Nomas’.

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149 4 Jul 2015

Racy review: 

Tom Edwards reviews a healthy stack of new issues with Patrick Burgoyne, editor of Creative Review, plus Fernando Augusto Pacheco speaks to the editor of a new erotica title NIN (Naked for No Reason) from Brazil.

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148 27 Jun 2015

All about paper : 

Tyler Brûlé talks about the most vital of materials, paper, with John Haslam, managing director of paper specialists and suppliers GF Smith and Ben Parker, director of design studio Made Thought. We also hear about Steve Watson’s new magazine-selection service Sampler and leaf through the delights of ‘Cornucopia’ magazine.

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