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16524 Oct 2015

Place for print: 

James Hyman and Ben Freeman discuss how print went from disposable commodity to timeless keepsake. Plus: we hear the highlights from Fipp World Congress in Toronto.

16417 Oct 2015

Frankfurt Book Fair: 

In this special edition, Monocle’s editor in chief Tyler Brûlé is at the Frankfurt Book Fair talking to some of the biggest names in German publishing. Among the programme’s guests are Thomas Lindner, CEO of ‘Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung’; Christoph Amend, editor in chief of ‘Die Zeit Magazin’; and Alexandra Borchardt, managing editor of ‘Süddeutsche Zeitung’.

16310 Oct 2015

Looking inwards: 

What can the publishing world learn from itself? Tyler Brûlé is joined by David Lane of ‘The Gourmand’ and Jeremy Leslie of ‘MagCulture’ to discuss the intricacies of sharing knowledge. Broadcaster and consultant Juan Señor also pops into Midori House. Plus: we hear from David Owen and Jim Bilton at this year’s Distripress congress in Brussels.

1623 Oct 2015

The future of distribution: 

We speak to Steve Watson from independent magazine distributor Stack. We also speak to Carine Nevejans from Distripress about the upcoming conference in Brussels, plus we check in with our editor in chief Tyler Brûlé.

16126 Sep 2015

Live edition: 

Tyler Brûlé hosts a special live magazine discussion with some of the industry's most revered figures. Gert Jonkers of ‘Fantastic Man’, editor of ‘Paris Match’ Olivier Royant, media strategist Ian Birch and world-renowned graphic designer Erik Spiekermann all appear before a studio audience.

16019 Sep 2015

‘Jocks & Nerds’: 

David Plaisant sits down with Marcus Agerman Ross, the founder, editor and creative director of influential men’s style title ‘Jocks & Nerds’. We also check in with our editor in chief. Plus: Fernando Augusto Pacheco leafs through the zines at London’s Art Book Fair.

15912 Sep 2015

Activism and Brazilian magazines: 

On this week’s ‘The Stack’ we visit London’s Feminist Library to discuss activist publishing past and present. We also look at the countercultural publication ‘Mould Map’ and review the pages of Brazilian magazines with Monocle’s Fernando Augusto Pacheco.

1585 Sep 2015

Icelandic print : 

Ben Rylan sits down with David Plaisant to review some Icelandic magazines old and new, including ‘I booi natturunnar’ and ‘Neptun’’. We also hear why Icelanders love their magazines so much. Plus: we talk to some of the talented editors at Indiecon in Hamburg.

15729 Aug 2015

Print professionals: 

Tyler Brûlé meets CEO and founder of London agency Protein to talk about the commercial side of funding a magazine start-up. We also hear from Malte Brenneisen, organiser of Indiecon, the independent-magazine conference taking place in Hamburg this weekend. Plus: Monocle’s Ben Rylan praises cult-film journal ‘Little White Lies’.

15622 Aug 2015

The great outdoors: 

On this week’s show we talk to Rachel Maria Taylor and Jody Daunton, the editors of lifestyle magazine ‘Another Escape’. We also pay a visit to a new magazine shop in Berlin and praise the Taiwanese title ‘Mogu’.

15515 Aug 2015

On the newsstands: 

On this week’s Stack we speak to our editor in chief Tyler Brûlé about Pearson selling its 50 per cent stake in The Economist group and take a look at the best titles on the Swiss newsstands. Plus we look at the best travel magazines around with ‘Suitcase’ editor Serena Guen and we interview Juan Ignacio Moralejo about the first issue of his new publication, ‘Compost’.

1548 Aug 2015

Talking Tokyo : 

From Tokyo, Tyler Brûlé gives us the latest on the Japanese media landscape and delves into a stack of choice titles such as men’s fashion leaders ‘Uomo’ and ‘Go Out’. Plus we speak to the creator of beautiful US travel journal ‘The Collective Quarterly’ and check out what’s flying off the shelves in Milan.

1531 Aug 2015

Shelf life : 

Tyler Brûlé speaks to the editor of ‘Elephant’ magazine and retail expert, Marc Valli, and discusses the best way to display and sell magazines. Plus we find out what Parisians might be picking up to read during their summer breaks.

15225 Jul 2015

Crossing borders : 

Tyler Brûlé’s insights on Nikkei’s purchase of the ‘Financial Times’ and what this means for print. Plus we leaf through Indian mountaineering magazine ‘The Outdoor Journal’, New Zealand culture title ‘White Fungus’ that moved to Taiwan and New York-based gastronomy magazine ‘Gather Journal’.

15118 Jul 2015

It’s summer!: 

Tyler Brûlé reveals Monocle’s new summer journal, ‘The Escapist’, with creative director Richard Spencer Powell. He also reviews some holiday magazine selections with Francine Lawrence. Plus: Poppy Shibamoto speaks in praise of ‘Kurashi No Techo’ magazine from Japan.

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