This fishing village has become the summer point of socialites and jet setters from São Paulo. Thus, the simple life has given way to boutique hotels and restaurants.The transformation can be seen every day at Quadrado, the central square where cars are prohibited. Calm and bucolic in the morning, the place changes completely after sunset when the colourful houses open their doors and turn into designer shops and pubs.

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  1. Trancoso is a one-hour drive from Porto Seguro, Bahia. Schedule a driver service or contact the local (and small) airport and heliport of Terravista Golf Club. +55 (0)73 2105 2104;
  2. Summer temperatures stay around 30C. In the winter they drop to 25C and a little less at night.
  3. The best parties happen on New Year’s Eve and in early January.
  4. Choose a hotel at sea level, since the downtown of Trancoso is on a cliff.
  5. To get cash go to the currency exchange houses in Porto Seguro, as the ATM machines in the village are usually broken or out of order.

Two-hour tour

  • Days out

    A bike ride — Cycle through the Valley of Buffalo (Vale dos Búfalos) to burn off those calories gained from caipirinha consumption.

    +55 (0)73 3668 1333

  • Days out

    Praia do Espelho — One of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil. The name comes from the calm sea which reflects like a mirror (espelho in Portuguese). You can simply walk on the beach or rent a jeep or a boat. But before you go make a reservation at the exclusive restaurant owned by Silvinha.

    Praia do Espelho

    +55 (0)73 9985 4157

  • Days out

    Corumbau — Hire a boat and go to the Ponta de Corumbau. The tour takes almost a whole day but it is a true paradise of clear water and freshly grilled shrimps served on the seashore.

    Ponta de Corumbau


  • On the beach

    Pousada Estrela d’Água

    Estrada Arraial d'Ajuda

    +55 (0)73 3668 1030

    Visit website
  • Premium

    Jacaré do Brasil Casas

    Praça São João Batista 9, Quadrado

    +55 (0)73 3668 1470

    Visit website
  • Villas: Premium

    Uxua Casa Hotel

    Praça São João Batista, Quadrado

    +55 (0)73 3668 2277

    Visit website


  • Beach hangout and spa

    Pousada Tangará

    Estrada Arraial d’Ajuda

    +55 (0)73 3668 1212

    Visit website
  • Lunch with friends

    Feijoada da Casa da Glória

    Praça São João Batista 137, Quadrado

    +55 (0)73 3668 1715

  • Dessert

    Cantinho Doce

    Quadrado Histórico, 15

    +55 (0)73 3668 1410

    Visit website
  • Sunset cocktail

    Hotel Rio da Barra

    Estrada Trancoso s/nº

    +55 (0)73 3668 1474

    Visit website
  • Dinner with friends

    Pousada Capim Santo

    Rua do Beco 55, Quadrado

    +55 (0)73 3668 1122

    Visit website
  • Dinner for two

    El Gordo

    Praça São João Batista 7, Quadrado

    +55 (0)73 3668 1193

    Visit website
  • Big dinner with friends

    Los Negros

    Rua Carlos Alberto Parracho 121, Quadrado

    +55 (0)73 8804 1458

    Visit website
  • Late bite

    Pizzaria Pizzokero

    Rua do Telégrafo s/nº

  • On the tiles


    Rua Carlos Alberto Parracho 50, Quadrado

    +55 (0)11 3668 1025

    Visit website


  • Livraria Nobel

    Rua do Telégrafo 10, Quadrado

    +55 (0)73 3668 2131

    Visit website

Thank yous

  • Local design

    Lé com Cré

    Praça São João Batista s/nº, Quadrado

    +55 (0)73 3668 1180


  • Something you can't get anywhere else

    Pottery from Calá

    Praça São João Batista s/nº, Quadrado

    +55 (0)73 3668 1112

  • Something for someone you love

    Womenswear from Adriana Degreas

    Rua Carlos Antônio Parracho 1, Quadrado

    Visit website
  • Something for yourself

    Art and design from Galeria Fulô

    Praça São João Batista s/nº, Quadrado

    +55 (0)73 3668 1623


  • Transport — In Quadrado cars are not allowed. For tours you can request a van and driver service with Trancoso Receptivo.

    +55 73 3668 1333

    Visit website


  • Trancoso Receptivo

    Rua Carlos Alberto Parracho 100, Loja 6 (Shopping Mandacaru)

    +55 (0)73 3668 1183

    Visit website


  • Golf course with a view

    Terravista Golf Course

    Estrada Municipal de Trancoso, Km 18, Porto Seguro

    +55 (0)73 2105 2104

    Visit website

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