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This autumn sees one of the world’s largest and most impressive private art collections open its doors to the public for the first time. Housed in Madrid’s Liria Palace, the Fundación Casa de Alba’s celebrated collection of fine artworks and important historic artefacts will be open to visitors from 19 September. The palace will also be available for the hosting of corporate events, with the capacity for up to five exclusive gatherings to take place in this spectacular setting every year. 

The collection

From Velázquez to Rubens, the Liria Palace’s collection features works from many of history’s most celebrated artists. Members of the Alba family’s lineage have also been rendered in paint by the likes of Titian – whose portrait of the Grand Duke of Alba is part of the collection – and Goya, whose “Duchess of Alba in White” also adorns the walls of the palace. Sculptures, tapestries, antique furniture and a range of decorative arts complete the foundation’s collection, as well as historic documents that include a selection of handwritten manuscripts by Christopher Columbus.




The Liria Palace is completed after 18 years of construction. Its design is the work of renowned architect Ventura Rodríguez, who is responsible for some of Spain’s finest neoclassical buildings. The palace becomes the residence of the third Duke of Berwick and Liria, Jacobo Fitz-James Stuart y Colón. 

In the midst of the Spanish Civil War, the palace is gutted by fires, which leave just the outer walls standing. Fortunately most of the palace’s collection of art and artefacts was rescued and stowed away safely in locations around Madrid, including the Prado Museum and British embassy. 

The Fundación Casa de Alba is created with the mission of preserving and sharing the palace’s collection of fine art and historic documents. (Today the foundation is chaired by the 19th Duke of Alba, Carlos Fitz-James Stuart y Martinez de Irujo.)

The Liria Palace, still the family residence of the Duke of Alba, opens its doors to the public for the first time. Visitors are able to view the foundation’s private collection, featuring works from the past 500 years.


Corporate events

Whether it’s a gala dinner or shareholder meeting, the Liria Palace, with its extensive gardens, is an idyllic spot for hosting private corporate events. For more information, get in touch:

Opening times for guests

Opening date:
19 September 2019 

Opening hours:
09.45 – 14.00 

Tuesday – Sunday 
09.45 – 14.00 
15.45 – 19.30
(Maximum group size: 20) 


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