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The pandemic has changed work. But are we tuned in to the nuances? Quality audio makes all the difference.


If there’s one thing we’ve learnt from recent events it’s that the office is far from dead. Creativity and spontaneous inspiration only happens when people are able to safely come together. But the businesses and individuals that will succeed in our new environment will also realise that the world has changed – the future of work will involve more flexibility about where we work. Technology can be frustrating. Conference calls are often glitchy, with people speaking at different volumes and sound cutting out at vital moments. Video-conferencing can freeze, while the intensity of staring at colleagues on a screen can be draining. So what’s the solution? Danish premium audio brand EPOS has the solutions that mean you no longer need to hold a meeting about the meeting you couldn’t hear.


Tips for better communication

Invest in professional, glitch-free technology
You wouldn’t skimp on a piece of furniture, so why aren’t you doing the same for your technology solutions? The mantra should always be to buy better but less often.

Be seen and heard
There’s no point opting for a conference call if people can’t hear properly or a video-conference where the picture breaks up; vital time and productivity will be lost. EPOS makes the solutions, from professional-grade headphones with crystal-clear sound and in-built headphones to speakerphones and video-conferencing with a 4K camera and noise cancellation.

Screen fatigue is real
Staring at a screen of colleagues can be anxiety-provoking. Sometimes being able to read body language is vital; other times an “old-fashioned” audio call will do the trick.

Bad audio is bad for business
Poor-quality sound during meetings can mean looking unprofessional. Worse still, it could also mean missing out on a vital deal. A recent Ipsos Denmark survey (see below for some surprising statistics) shows that end users agree.

Don’t let technology rule your life
Technology doesn’t need to be the dominant form of communication. Let it be a help rather than a hindrance by knowing when to take an individual aside in the office and when to bring the firm together on screen.

31 per cent
of surveyed decision-makers believe that technology issues are the main reason for not using video in meetings

63 per cent
of virtual conference users have regular difficulties during business conversations due to sound issues

83 per cent
of decision-makers think bad audio has had a negative effect on their company over the last 12 months

31 minutes
of time are lost per user per week, on average, due to poor audio technology and sound-quality issues


The EPOS podcast, ‘Powered by Audio’, tells the story of audio. The podcast speaks to experts, from emergency responders to Esports athletes and Indy car drivers, to tell the story of how audio powers the world. Listen to the conversation between host Randi Zuckerberg and experts on ‘Powered by Audio’ – on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher or wherever you find podcasts.


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