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Transforming the everyday

The biggest changes in sustainability will come about through the industries at the centre of the world economy. Siemens is using its technological expertise to transform processes in industry, infrastructure and transportation – and that’s just the start.


A new digital frontier

How technology, collaboration and empowerment are working to bring about sustainable transformation.
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Wunsiedel: How a community is shaping their sustainable future

Global climate targets might seem almost impossibly ambitious – but with the right technologies, community engagement and strong partnerships, we can bring them within reach.
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A model for the smart campus 

The University of Birmingham is breaking new ground – and bringing the space of education into a new age, with new technologies that redefine our lives and learning.
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Unlimited Tomorrow

Unlimited Tomorrow creates prosthetics quickly and cost-effectively that allow those with limb loss and limb difference to live a relatively normal life. Here’s how it does it.
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Digital technology

As passengers flock back to Eurostar trains after the pandemic, we lift the lid on the digital technology working behind the scenes that seamlessly supports their journeys.
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The Metaverse

The Metaverse has its sceptics but, like any new tool, it is how we use it that counts. From testing space exploration to growing plants underwater, it has the potential to be a virtual world to solve real-world problems.
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