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18 June 2011


-Open City Festival

Six open-air screens showing 140 films, plus an outside bar and café, live music, barbecue and farmers’ market – the inaugural Open City film festival kicked off this Thursday with the premier of Position Among The Stars, the concluding part of Leonard Retel Helmrich’s trilogy. Also, don’t miss the UK premier of Jean-Louis Langlois’s Je t’aime and Julie Moggan’s Guilty Pleasures, offering a close look at the global Mills & Boon books phenomenon.

Guilty Pleasures is showing at 12.20, 19 June, Screen 1, off Malet Place, London. Open City film festival at various venues until 19 June. []


-Battles, "Gloss Drop"

This gang of New Yorkers must have stepped in something lucky on the way to the studio to record their emolliently monikered second coming: this stuff has come from fertile soil. Gloss Drop is intimate yet epic electro-rock powered by clockwork percussion, graced by rococo riffs and peppered with the lilt of African percussion. Sure, this gloss is cool and clever but it’s a summer charmer, too.

“Gloss Drop” by Battles is out now on CD, 2XLP and


-Various Artists "Driven to Abstraction"

Eight international contemporary artists offer a diverse range of entry points into abstraction. Dannielle Tegeder’s angular constructions push geometric based abstraction in new directions and Andrea Belag focuses on gesture, creating compositions of lush brushstrokes and washes of colour. Works by Carrie Yamaoka, Amy Ellingson, Catherine Howe, Rebecca Smith, Canon Tolon and Lisa Corinne Davis are also not to be missed.

Von Lintel Gallery, 520 W 23rd St, New York. Open 10.00–18.00 Tuesday to Saturday. Until 23


Dri Dri Gelateria

Dri Dri gelateria has had Londoners queueing up on Portobello Road since it opened in the summer of 2010. Its beach parlour-inspired pop-up at the St Martins Lane hotel, launched yesterday, will surely be no different. Never straying from top-notch ingredients, the pop-up will debut a new flavour for Dri Dri: salted caramel, made with white cane sugar and Himalayan pink salt.

45 St Martin’s Lane, London. Open 17 June–31 August, Mon-Sat 12.00–



Though you don’t have to look hard to find outstanding built examples by global architecture and urbanism firm OMA, some of its most significant contributions are theoretical. Its success is translating complex theory into interesting, relevant and thought-provoking analysis. OMA’s exhibition called (IM)PURE, (IN)FORMAL, (UN)BUILT is currently at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts. It focuses on three OMA-designed French libraries – two unbuilt and one under construction – exploring what a library should look like in today’s world and the role it plays in the urban community.

(IM)PURE, (IN)FORMAL, (UN)BUILT, Ecole des Beaux-Arts, 14 Rue Bonaparte, Paris. Until 22


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