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22 October 2011

This weekend enjoy Chinese Opera in Hong Kong, shop for outerwear in London or pick up some Sandro Perri jazz. Also, Aleksandra Mir has a new show in New York and the UK will see a disturbingly brilliant new cinema release.


—The World Cultures Festival

Expect a cacophony of performances and exhibitions ranging from Chinese Opera to Vietnamese puppetry as the World Cultures Festival kick off in Hong Kong. The ‘varied and inspiring arts of Asia’ will take centre stage in the month-long celebration so if you’ve ever been tempted by an evening of Balinese gamelan or a masterclass in Korean Folk dance now is the time to explore. The World Cultures Festival is running throughout Hong Kong until 20 November.


—Henri Lloyd pop up store

Launching their first ever pop up store for a timely reminder of who does tough winter wear with the most style, Henri Lloyd’s new store in central London will feature outerwear from the brand that has clothed sailors since 1963. The store displays two archive pieces from the first ever collection (not available to buy unfortunately!), but there are 50 numbered new ‘Ocean Racer’ jackets, each one with a certificate signed by Mr Henri himself.

Henri Lloyd, Lambs Conduit Street, London. Open upto Christmas.


—Sandro Perri: Impossible Spaces

The Toronto-based jazz-schooled songwriter who is occasionally known as instrumental electronic musician Polmo Polpo, delivers his fourth album of “proper songs” under his own name. Perri makes tunes that flit between pure FM radio pop and melodically abstract sound collages within a heartbeat (often during the same song), making ‘Impossible Spaces’ a joyously ungainly fit.

Impossible Spaces is out now.


—Aleksandra Mir: The Seduction Of Galileo Galiliei

The Swedish-American artist whose work lives in public collections ranging from the Tate Modern to the Kunsthaus, Zurich, is combining art and science at her latest show at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York. The Seduction Of Galileo Galilei offers a dialogue between the 17th century scientist and the present via a video installation of his experiments and Mir’s selection of 2008 collages titled The Dream and the Promise.

The Whitney Museum of American Art, 945 Madison Ave. at 75th St. New York. Until 19 February, 2012.


—We Need to Talk about Kevin

Lynne Ramsay’s powerful and disquieting adaptation of Lionel Shriver’s novel about a mother whose teenage son commits a dreadful act of violence hits the big screens this weekend. Obviously, not your usual feel-good choice of weekend entertainment. But with perfect storyline, top-notch performances by Tilda Swinton and Ezra Miller and mesmerising cinematography, We Need to Talk about Kevin is an undeniable must-see. It is disturbingly brilliant.

We Need to Talk about Kevin is in cinemas this weekend


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