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21 August 2015

ART: ‘The boys the girls and the political’

“It’s definitely more than your average ‘let’s put up some work for summer’” – “It’s definitely more than your average ‘let’s put up some work for summer’”

Ossian Ward

The Lisson Gallery’s latest group show marries performance, film, painting and sculpture and explores the ways in which artists work together. The different pieces seemingly blend with one another, creating a fluid narrative through the exhibition. Expect collisions between artists and their media and look, or listen, out for the foley yoga mat performance.

MUSIC: Dornik

“His production style is very much more toward The Weekend and the new wave of R&B artists. It’s creating a really new sound.”

Rebecca Grierson

Hailing from Croydon and listing Prince, Michael Jackson and (perhaps less perceptibly) Swedish death-metal stalwarts Meshuggah as his influences, Dornik is a bold new face on the British R&B scene.

BOOK: ‘Cyberphobia: Identity, Trust, Security and the Internet’

“It’s a very scary book – there’s always stories in the news, the Ashley Madison thing recently and the Sony attack… there are always people out there who can break the best security and the book reminds us of those.”

Mark Mason

In ‘Cyberphobia: Identity, Trust, Security and the Internet’, ‘The Economist’ editor Edward Lucas reveals the daunting realities of cyberspace in an informed exposé that describes how we’ve become dependent on technology and may need to take a step back. Cyber-crime, cyber-terrorism, cyber-espionage and cyber-warfare rule the web and no password can protect against them. This book will make you want to switch off your phone and relocate to a private island off the radar.

FILM: ‘The Wolfpack’

“It’s very interesting and unusual and in some ways uncomfortable”

Tim Robey

A fascinating documentary about the life of the Angulo brothers, who were locked away from society by their family and learnt about the outside world solely through films. The film won the Grand Jury Prize at this year’s Sundance Film Festival.


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