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The Pacific Shift

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  • 00:02:56Leon ElseThe City Don't Care (feat. Oliver)
  • 00:06:47Heimlich feat. Jermaine FleurA Song
  • 00:09:39DagnyWearing Nothing
  • 00:12:53BodinYou
  • 00:15:57BoAKiss My Lips
  • 00:20:48Rag 'N' Bone ManInnocent Man
  • 00:23:55Tegan and SaraU-turn
  • 00:26:51ParcelsOvernight
  • 00:30:29NathanielLive Louder
  • 00:33:34The ChainsmokersAll We Know (feat. Phoebe Ryan)
  • 00:36:47MamamooYou're the Best
  • 00:41:53Norlie & KKVAlla Våra Låtar
  • 00:45:39LaurelMemorials
  • 00:49:13LouaneAvenir
  • 00:52:13LANYSuper Far
  • 00:55:50JonesIndulge
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Culture with Robert Bound

We take a look at what we might be listening to, watching and reading this autumn. Robert Bound is joined in the studio by John Mitchinson, co-founder of Unbound, broadcaster and DJ Georgie Rogers, and Tim Robey, film critic for ‘The Telegraph’.

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The Pacific Shift

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  • 01:31:44Nall and Lui PengI Still Wonder
  • 01:34:56Love x StereoLemon Spark
  • 01:38:25KwabsWalk
  • 01:41:57f(x)4 Walls
  • 01:46:05Margaret Berger and F.A.C.E.Diamonds
  • 01:49:49Deborah BoughTake Me Back to 23
  • 01:52:36Rita OraYour Song
  • 01:55:49SOHNArtifice
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The Entrepreneurs

Despite our growing eco-friendly credentials, humans still waste too much water. Malmo-based industrial designer Mehrdad Mahdjoubi has a solution: a futuristic shower designed by his clean-technology start-up Orbital Systems, which can reduce water usage by 90 per cent. It’s backed by Nasa-approved technology and the co-founder of Skype – but will this Scandinavian solution catch on around the world?

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The Pacific Shift

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  • 02:31:44FlumeNever Be Like You (feat. Kai)
  • 02:35:36Bruno MarsThat's What I Like
  • 02:39:09BroodsCouldn't Believe
  • 02:43:10HarperNo Love in the Jungle
  • 02:48:04Maya VikY.M.D. (Young Michael Douglas)
  • 02:52:24ExoCall Me Baby
  • 02:55:55BanksGemini Feed
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Section D

Is clay making a comeback? Design journalist Katie Treggiden discusses her new book that profiles 25 makers across six cities. And have you ever wondered why most passports are just one of four colours? We speak to an editor who’s been investigating how countries use design to express their international identity.

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The Pacific Shift

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  • 03:30:06Luis FonsiDespacito (feat. Daddy Yankee)
  • 03:34:04TWICETT
  • 03:37:49Josef SalvatOpen Season
  • 03:41:58BLACKPINKPlaying With Fire
  • 03:46:17Camera SoulA Day with You [In London]
  • 03:49:18O'SpadaTen Strikes
  • 03:54:29The WeekndI Feel It Coming (feat. Daft Punk)
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The Bulletin with UBS

What’s at stake in this month’s German federal election – for the country, for European institutions, for investors and for the world?

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The Pacific Shift

Show playlist
  • 05:18:35Pilgrim
  • 05:22:26Lizzy LandSweet Melodies
  • 05:26:32W & WhaleR.P.G. Shine
  • 05:29:51BaioPHILOSOPHY!
  • 05:32:51Sébastien TellierSous les Rayons du Soleil
  • 05:36:22Kungs vs. Cookin' On 3 BurnersThis Girl
  • 05:39:28ShakiraMe Enamoré
  • 05:44:17NeikedCall Me (feat. Mimi)
  • 05:47:19The Precious Lo's & Tyler SmithWithout You
  • 05:51:54Lucky RoseThe Way You Want Me (feat. Yan Etchevary)
  • 05:55:05SiaMove Your Body
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The Urbanist

When Hurricane Harvey struck Houston, no one could have predicted the level of destruction it caused. As floodwaters retreat and rubble is lifted, we shine the spotlight on this city and the way urban areas can start to heal after the grieving is done.

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The Pacific Shift

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  • 06:30:31Max Giesinger80 Millionen
  • 06:34:09Hunter HuntedReady for You
  • 06:37:35ShuraTouch
  • 06:41:01Troye SivanWILD
  • 06:44:36SigridFake Friends
  • 06:49:05Måns ZelmerlöwLive While You're Alive
  • 06:52:12Namie AmuroRed Carpet
  • 06:55:59ParamoreHard Times
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The Globalist

A look at the diplomatic implications of ongoing naval fall-outs between Iran and the US. We also ask whether the phrasing of referendum questions affects a vote's outcome and learn why politicians in Brussels are rethinking their drinking habits.

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The Continental Shift

Show playlist
  • 08:02:32Zara LarssonI Would Like
  • 08:06:21Jordan RakeiNerve
  • 08:10:20Oh WonderDrive
  • 08:13:38Charli XCXBoys
  • 08:17:57Kero Kero BonitoWaking Up
  • 08:20:46SHINeeLucky Star
  • 08:24:10Hailee SteinfeldMost Girls
  • 08:27:37RationaleFast Lane
  • 08:30:17Jessie Ware110%
  • 08:33:46Say Lou LouNothing But A Heartbeat
  • 08:38:37The KnocksClassic (feat. Powers)
  • 08:42:46ShinhwaThis Love
  • 08:46:29Kindness feat. RobynWho Do You Love
  • 08:51:14Wincent WeissFeuerwerk
  • 08:54:32FrankieProblems Problems
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The Sessions at Midori House

American musician Courtney Marie Andrews is a self-confessed workaholic. The 26-year-old has already written and recorded six albums and isn’t set to slow down anytime soon. She plays live for us in the Midori House studios and chats to Andrew Mueller.

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Meet the Writers

Sofi Oksanen is a Finnish and Estonian novelist and playwright. Winner of the Finlandia prize and known as the greatest voices of her generation at home, Oksanen gained international recognition through ‘Purge’, a book that is also a play, a film and an opera. Her fifth novel, ‘Norma’, looks at the global exploitation of women told through the eyes of a girl with magical hair. She talks to Georgina Godwin about her latest book, as well as her journey so far.

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The Continental Shift

Show playlist
  • 09:45:53Julia MichaelsIssues
  • 09:48:50Milky ChanceFlashed Junk Mind
  • 09:53:13Thea and the WildHeartattack
  • 09:56:02SACHIHold On
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The Ten

A fast-paced daily news-and-views show packed with insight and opinion from Monocle's editors, live in our Midori House studios, from our global bureaux and on the road. Snappy analysis of the headlines and a glance at some offbeat stories you might have missed, guaranteed every weekday.

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The Continental Shift

Show playlist
  • 10:31:26LordeGreen Light
  • 10:35:28HaimWant You Back
  • 10:39:28Sheena RingoNo Verão, as Noites
  • 10:43:45PhoenixTi Amo
  • 10:48:28Kleerup feat. Jenny WilsonNothing Left To Die For
  • 10:51:45Girls' GenerationYou Think
  • 10:55:10Brendan MacleanHouse of Air
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The Monocle Arts Review

In the studio this week are Will Hodgkinson, chief rock and pop critic for ‘The Times’, and Alice Vincent, arts and entertainment writer for ‘The Telegraph’. They talk music and television with Monocle’s Tom Edwards. Plus: South Korean music, Sarajevo’s art scene and the charts in China.

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The Continental Shift

Show playlist
  • 11:47:11FormationA Friend
  • 11:50:13Noriyuki MakiharaLife Goes On ~ Like Nonstop Music ~
  • 11:54:46Flume feat. Tove LoSay It
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The Briefing

Kurds push harder for independence, Norway tries to work out what it loves more – liberal ideals or selling oil – and French workers are accused of being lazy by their own president. Plus: can horror films save cinema?

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The Continental Shift

Show playlist
  • 12:31:11Lizzy LandSweet Melodies
  • 12:35:22Bruno MarsVersace On The Floor
  • 12:39:46AtjazzBefore (ft. Clara Hill)
  • 12:44:27HarperBad Luck
  • 12:50:11Paula TollerTímidos Românticos
  • 12:54:22BastilleGlory
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The Cinema Show

From the Palazzo del Cinema we’re on location at the 74th Venice International Film Festival. Ben Rylan meets festival director Alberto Barbera to find out how he reinvigorated the event and brought back its prestige. Plus: we review Darren Aronofsky horror-thriller ‘mother!’, Neapolitan animation ‘Gatta Cenerentola’, and Jane Fonda and Robert Redford’s Golden Lion lifetime achievement awards.

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The Menu

What Mexican chef Martha Ortiz wants to make the world understand about her country’s food, what the greatest dining institutions in São Paulo have in common, plus a Portuguese wine region that deserves more attention.

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The Atlantic Shift

Show playlist
  • 14:04:32ExoLOVE ME RIGHT
  • 14:07:58LANYSuper Far
  • 14:11:23ParadisChacun Pour Soi
  • 14:16:06Yasutaka NakataCrazy Crazy (feat. Charli XCX)
  • 14:20:56Louis The ChildLove Is Alive (feat. Elohim)
  • 14:23:42Demi LovatoCool for the Summer
  • 14:27:24Oh WonderHeavy
  • 14:30:41Sandra LyngNight After Night
  • 14:33:48Love x StereoLemon Spark
  • 14:37:13AmirJ'ai Cherché
  • 14:40:12Namie AmuroIt
  • 14:44:11DagnyToo Young
  • 14:47:48Kate BoyMidnight Sun
  • 14:50:49Imagine DragonsI'll Make It Up To You
  • 14:55:10Firefox AKTell Me Lies
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The Foreign Desk

As the violence against the Rohingya continues to intensify in western Myanmar and Aung San Suu Kyi remains defiantly silent, what is really happening inside the country and when is it time for the international community to step in?

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The Atlantic Shift

Show playlist
  • 15:31:05TheiaTreat You
  • 15:34:47Kygo and Ellie GouldingFirst Time
  • 15:37:59Celeste BuckinghamUnpredictable
  • 15:41:50Rita OraYour Song
  • 15:45:34Francis and The LightsFriends (feat. Bon Iver)
  • 15:48:40Charli XCXBoom Clap
  • 15:51:29CNBLUEYou're So Fine
  • 15:55:24The XXOn Hold
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The Big Interview

CNN’s senior international correspondent Clarissa Ward talks to Monocle’s Christopher Lord about her fascinating career. From her early days as an intern in CNN’s Moscow bureau to reporting undercover from Syria, Ward has seen it all and continues to believe journalism can give a voice to those caught on the frontline.

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The Atlantic Shift

Show playlist
  • 16:32:52Leon ElseThe City Don't Care (feat. Oliver)
  • 16:36:49Saint MotelMy Type
  • 16:40:19Drum
  • 16:43:32EXIDNight Rather Than Day
  • 16:48:34William SikströmTell Me
  • 16:52:38Got7HOME RUN
  • 16:55:36ParcelsMyenemy
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Midori House

Analysis of the day’s top news with Andrew Mueller, Terry Stiastny and Ivor Gaber, covering Turkey and Russia’s military manoeuvres, labour relations in France, same-sex marriage in Australia and the legacy of Sir Peter Hall.

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The Atlantic Shift

Show playlist
  • 18:31:22Wincent WeissMusik Sein
  • 18:34:36BaioPHILOSOPHY!
  • 18:37:41SigridDon't Kill My Vibe
  • 18:40:44TWICETT
  • 18:44:28Robin StjernbergRain
  • 18:48:12NeikedCall Me (feat. Mimi)
  • 18:51:21SHINeeColorful
  • 18:55:38MullallyShe Don't Know Me
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Section D

A special report from the halls of this biannual design fair in Paris. We hear from managing director Philippe Brocart and pick out some fine finds from Begg & Co, Marimekko and Kristina Dam.

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The Atlantic Shift

Show playlist
  • 19:32:44Nall and Lui PengI Still Wonder
  • 19:36:02LordeSupercut
  • 19:40:35Tove LoTrue Disaster
  • 19:43:46IUPalette (feat. G-DRAGON)
  • 19:48:34Caro EmeraldQuicksand
  • 19:51:59Nathan HartonoElectricity
  • 19:55:49SOHNArtifice
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The Stack

We take stock of two magazines that show the virtues of going deep rather than wide when it comes to subject matter: first with travel and then with flowers. Plus: a look ahead to this year’s Stack Awards.

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The Atlantic Shift

Show playlist
  • 20:32:12FlumeNever Be Like You (feat. Kai)
  • 20:36:08Bruno MarsThat's What I Like
  • 20:39:40SnakehipsDon't Leave (Feat. MO)
  • 20:43:15HarperNo Love in the Jungle
  • 20:48:03Karin ParkHuman Beings
  • 20:51:11Pizzicato FiveGo Go Dancer
  • 20:56:06Erik HassleMissing You
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The Monocle Daily

We look at the wider implications of Turkey's decision to procure air-defence missiles from Russia. Plus: Apple's new phone and climate-change etiquette.

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The Pacific Shift

Show playlist
  • 23:02:19Thea & The WildDark Horse
  • 23:05:36VeriteConstant Crush
  • 23:09:45Dusky GreyCall Me Over
  • 23:13:20HalseyRoman Holiday
  • 23:16:372PMMy House
  • 23:20:36Louisa JohnsonSo Good
  • 23:23:44FM BelfastHoliday
  • 23:27:18Charli XCXBoys
  • 23:30:05Caravan PalaceLone Digger (Radio Edit)
  • 23:33:13Zak AbelEverybody Needs Love
  • 23:36:26Namie AmuroBlack Make Up
  • 23:40:31Izzy BizuWhite Tiger
  • 23:43:29Daft Punk Feat Pharrell WilliamsGet Lucky
  • 23:47:26St. LuciaElevate
  • 23:52:47RationaleProdigal Son
  • 23:57:37Kero Kero BonitoWaking Up






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