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The Pacific Shift

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  • 00:04:09FrankieProblems Problems
  • 00:08:36Kygo and Ellie GouldingFirst Time
  • 00:11:51ElohimHallucinating
  • 00:15:29Noriyuki MakiharaLife Goes On ~ Like Nonstop Music ~
  • 00:20:56Zara LarssonI Would Like
  • 00:24:41PaulineNår Tæppet Falder
  • 00:28:05Rita OraYour Song
  • 00:31:12Sky FerreiraEverything Is Embarrassing
  • 00:35:27Jamie LidellBig Love
  • 00:38:41ShinhwaThis Love
  • 00:43:29Major LazerLean On (feat. MØ & DJ Snake)
  • 00:46:23Timo LassyThe More I Look At You (ft. Jose James)
  • 00:50:37Mashrou' Leila3 Minutes
  • 00:55:08Firefox AKTell Me Lies
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The Urbanist

We speak to the co-author of ‘The Public Wealth of Cities’ to find out about boosting prosperity in our urban centres. Plus: we head to East London to discover a rooftop dwelling disguised as a warehouse air duct.

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The Pacific Shift

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  • 01:32:56Thea & The WildDark Horse
  • 01:36:14Fickle FriendsGlue
  • 01:39:26PridesHigher Love
  • 01:43:03Imagine DragonsI'll Make It Up To You
  • 01:48:38Sofia CarsonLove Is the Name
  • 01:52:09TVXQVertigo
  • 01:56:02Louisa JohnsonSo Good
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Culture with Robert Bound

We take a look at what we might be listening to, watching and reading this autumn. Robert Bound is joined in the studio by John Mitchinson, co-founder of Unbound, broadcaster and DJ Georgie Rogers, and Tim Robey, film critic for ‘The Telegraph’.

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The Pacific Shift

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  • 02:32:03RationaleProdigal Son
  • 02:35:32YunaBest Love
  • 02:40:15Lilly Wood and The PrickI Love You
  • 02:44:31CNBLUEYou're So Fine
  • 02:49:00Swim DeepHoney
  • 02:52:30Hailee SteinfeldMost Girls
  • 02:55:53SOHNArtifice
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The Cinema Show

Step inside the Venice International Film Festival as we discover how the prestigious Golden Lion is awarded with the help of jury member David Stratton and, from the Horizons section, Mark Cousins. Plus: a review of the other festival winners and a look back at classic thriller ‘Don’t Look Now’.

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The Pacific Shift

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  • 03:30:45Elli IngramTable For Two
  • 03:34:51LovelyzNow, We
  • 03:38:12Fleur EastSax
  • 03:42:13SHINeeYour Number
  • 03:48:43AnoukNew Day
  • 03:52:17KeshaLearn To Let Go
  • 03:56:08MomeHold On (feat. Dylan Wright)
  • 04:00:39Breathe Carolina & IZIIEcho (Let Go)
  • 04:04:47Natalia MateoThe Windmills of Your Mind
  • 04:08:50HarperBad Luck
  • 04:12:59Dua LipaRoom For 2
  • 04:16:36Sheena RingoNo Verão, as Noites
  • 04:22:26Oh WonderLifetimes
  • 04:26:15Imelda MayBig Bad Handsome Man
  • 04:29:01PhoenixTi Amo
  • 04:32:32Lianne La HavasWhat You Don't Do
  • 04:36:15The Avener & KadebostanyCastle in the Snow
  • 04:39:50Girls' GenerationPARTY
  • 04:44:14DNCEToothbrush
  • 04:48:06The KnifeHeartbeats
  • 04:51:57Love x StereoLemon Spark
  • 04:55:33ParadisRecto Verso
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The Menu

What Mexican chef Martha Ortiz wants to make the world understand about her country’s food, what the greatest dining institutions in São Paulo have in common, plus a Portuguese wine region that deserves more attention.

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The Pacific Shift

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  • 05:31:38Got7Never Ever
  • 05:34:55HaimWant You Back
  • 05:38:50CorneliaNot in Love
  • 05:42:26BaioPHILOSOPHY!
  • 05:46:20Little DragonLooking Glass
  • 05:51:12Nathan HartonoElectricity
  • 05:55:04SiaMove Your Body
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The Stack

We take stock of two magazines that show the virtues of going deep rather than wide when it comes to subject matter: first with travel and then with flowers. Plus: a look ahead to this year’s Stack Awards.

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The Pacific Shift

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  • 06:31:06SigridPlot Twist
  • 06:34:34NeikedCall Me (feat. Mimi)
  • 06:37:50AustraPainful Like
  • 06:41:59ParcelsOvernight
  • 06:46:56AnnieOut of Reach
  • 06:50:25Clazziquai ProjectLove Satellite
  • 06:54:35The WeekndI Feel It Coming (feat. Daft Punk)
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The Globalist

As North Korea fires another ballistic missile over Japan, we ask our Tokyo bureau chief what's next in terms of the tense situation between the two nations. Plus: what should we expect from Russia’s annual wargames?

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The Continental Shift

Show playlist 
  • 08:05:07AnushkaNever Can Decide
  • 08:09:23Bruno MarsThat's What I Like
  • 08:12:55Norlie & KKVAlla Våra Låtar
  • 08:16:50Charli XCXBoys
  • 08:21:52AlmaDye My Hair
  • 08:25:23Akdong MusicianHow People Move
  • 08:28:47SACHIHold On
  • 08:31:56Javiera MenaOtra Era
  • 08:36:06JustsHeartbeat
  • 08:39:01Tove StyrkeBorderline
  • 08:44:28Calum ScotRhythm Inside
  • 08:48:04SistarShake It
  • 08:51:35Hunter HuntedReady for You
  • 08:55:08FlumeNever Be Like You (feat. Kai)
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Section D

A special report from the halls of this biannual design fair in Paris. We hear from managing director Philippe Brocart and pick out some fine finds from Begg & Co, Marimekko and Kristina Dam.

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The Foreign Desk

As the violence against the Rohingya continues to intensify in western Myanmar and Aung San Suu Kyi remains defiantly silent, what is really happening inside the country and when is it time for the international community to step in?

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The Ten

A fast-paced daily news-and-views show packed with insight and opinion from Monocle's editors, live in our Midori House studios, from our global bureaux and on the road. Snappy analysis of the headlines and a glance at some offbeat stories you might have missed, guaranteed every weekday.

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The Continental Shift

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  • 10:32:16MUNAI Know A Place
  • 10:36:48KeshaPraying
  • 10:40:37Wonder GirlsWhy So Lonely
  • 10:44:03ShakiraMe Enamoré
  • 10:48:39Nina NesbittTake You to Heaven
  • 10:52:25Namie AmuroBrighter Day
  • 10:56:10Erik HassleMissing You
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The Monocle Arts Review

Matt Alagiah is joined by writer Mark Mason and online editor for 'The Bookseller' Sarah Shaffi to discuss this month's book releases. Plus: we head to Buenos Aires to learn about cumbia music and Go-Betweens band member Robert Forster tells us about his new book ‘Grant & I’.

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The Continental Shift

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  • 11:49:02LordeGreen Light
  • 11:52:572PMMy House
  • 11:56:02Dua LipaBlow Your Mind (Mwah)
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The Briefing

We get South Korea’s reaction as its northern neighbour launches another missile, hear the latest political manoeuvre in the bid for Kurdish independence and ask: how do you book a festival headliner?

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The Continental Shift

Show playlist 
  • 12:31:03MullallyShe Don't Know Me
  • 12:34:32Calvin HarrisSlide (feat. Frank Ocean & Migos)
  • 12:38:40m-flo and BoAThe Love Bug
  • 12:42:52Jordan RakeiNerve
  • 12:48:04Klingande ft. Broken BackRiva (Restart the Game)
  • 12:51:11Christine and the QueensChristine
  • 12:55:15The XXOn Hold
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The Bulletin with UBS

What’s at stake in this month’s German federal election – for the country, for European institutions, for investors and for the world?

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Meet the Writers

Sofi Oksanen is a Finnish and Estonian novelist and playwright. Winner of the Finlandia prize and known as the greatest voices of her generation at home, Oksanen gained international recognition through ‘Purge’, a book that is also a play, a film and an opera. Her fifth novel, ‘Norma’, looks at the global exploitation of women told through the eyes of a girl with magical hair. She talks to Georgina Godwin about her latest book, as well as her journey so far.

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The Atlantic Shift

Show playlist 
  • 13:48:54Izzy BizuWhite Tiger
  • 13:51:59Strange TalkYoung Hearts
  • 13:55:52Rag 'N' Bone ManInnocent Man
  • 14:01:56SOHNConrad
  • 14:05:33Clazziquai ProjectMadly
  • 14:09:44TWICETT
  • 14:13:25Imagine DragonsI'll Make It Up To You
  • 14:17:42JonesMelt
  • 14:22:23BanksGemini Feed
  • 14:25:26Måns ZelmerlöwShould've Gone Home
  • 14:28:54Fickle FriendsGlue
  • 14:32:06Gregory PorterMovin'
  • 14:36:49DagnyWearing Nothing
  • 14:39:57ExoLotto
  • 14:44:18HalseyColors
  • 14:48:22Devon BaldwinDead of Night
  • 14:51:32Mashrou' Leila3 Minutes
  • 14:55:56Wincent WeissMusik Sein
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The Entrepreneurs

In a technology industry obsessed with artificial intelligence and augmented reality, one of the most exciting sectors involves foam and springs. Start-ups are shaking up the once-sleepy sector of making and selling mattresses. But with competition through the roof, who will become the industry leader? We sit down with James Cox, co-founder of London mattress company Simba.

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The Atlantic Shift

Show playlist 
  • 15:31:52Julien DoreLe lac
  • 15:35:40YunaBest Love
  • 15:40:27moodblancOver
  • 15:44:23Rita OraYour Song
  • 15:47:42London GrammarBig Picture
  • 15:52:09SHINeeLucifer
  • 15:55:59EXIDUp & Down
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The Sessions at Midori House

American musician Courtney Marie Andrews is a self-confessed workaholic. The 26-year-old has already written and recorded six albums and isn’t set to slow down anytime soon. She plays live for us in the Midori House studios and chats to Andrew Mueller.

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The Atlantic Shift

Show playlist 
  • 16:18:28Zara LarssonI Would Like
  • 16:22:09INFINITEBad
  • 16:25:45AlmaChasing Highs
  • 16:29:06Citizens!Waiting for Your Lover
  • 16:32:48HarperBad Luck
  • 16:37:00Jazz GittiDu bist a Sensation
  • 16:40:11Carly Rae JepsenFirst Time
  • 16:44:45Rina SawayamaCyber Stockholm Syndrome
  • 16:48:17The Sam WillowsFor Love
  • 16:52:07KeshaLearn To Let Go
  • 16:55:48Nights with You
  • 17:02:00LANYGood Girls
  • 17:06:09Noonie BaoCriminal Love
  • 17:09:16Saint MotelMy Type
  • 17:12:44PhoenixTi Amo
  • 17:16:13Dua LipaBe the One
  • 17:20:57Brendan MacleanHouse of Air
  • 17:24:41BryceBurning Out
  • 17:28:58Hailee SteinfeldMost Girls
  • 17:32:26DiktaSink or Swim
  • 17:35:54ParcelsOvernight
  • 17:39:24Nao YoshiokaJust Go
  • 17:44:34Yasutaka NakataCrazy Crazy (feat. Charli XCX)
  • 17:48:30Full of KeysMe and The Sea
  • 17:52:25MinzySuperwoman
  • 17:56:04ParamoreHard Times
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Midori House

Analysis of the day's top news with Andrew Mueller, Daniel Giacopelli, Fernando Augusto Pacheco and Henry Rees-Sheridan. HEar about North Korean missile fatigue and the limits of free speech in the US, as well as a controversial start-up and Sunday’s Emmy awards.

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The Atlantic Shift

Show playlist 
  • 18:31:18Lizzy LandSweet Melodies
  • 18:35:27LovelyzNow, We
  • 18:38:46DNCEBody Moves
  • 18:42:43ParadisChacun Pour Soi
  • 18:47:28Gwen StefaniMake Me Like You
  • 18:51:03BaioPHILOSOPHY!
  • 18:54:01Namie AmuroHot Girls
  • 18:56:53Firefox AKTell Me Lies
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The Menu

We're in the Portuguese capital to meet some of the makers who have given the country’s culinary reputation a global boost.

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The Atlantic Shift

Show playlist 
  • 19:32:36FrankieProblems Problems
  • 19:37:09Love x StereoLemon Spark
  • 19:40:44Party NailsNo Pressure
  • 19:44:20NeikedCall Me (feat. Mimi)
  • 19:48:31Years & YearsGold
  • 19:52:18IUPalette (feat. G-DRAGON)
  • 19:56:14Kero Kero BonitoWaking Up
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The Big Interview

CNN’s senior international correspondent Clarissa Ward talks to Monocle’s Christopher Lord about her fascinating career. From her early days as an intern in CNN’s Moscow bureau to reporting undercover from Syria, Ward has seen it all and continues to believe journalism can give a voice to those caught on the frontline.

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The Atlantic Shift

Show playlist 
  • 20:31:21Thea & The WildDark Horse
  • 20:34:34LordeSupercut
  • 20:39:07FLETCHEROver My Head
  • 20:43:40Charli XCXBoys
  • 20:47:35LenaWild and Free
  • 20:50:37The Precious Lo's & Tyler SmithNight Ridin'
  • 20:55:21Oh WonderLifetimes
  • 21:01:34RationaleProdigal Son
  • 21:05:269MUSESDolls
  • 21:09:02HaimWant You Back
  • 21:12:57SACHIHold On
  • 21:16:09ElohimHallucinating
  • 21:20:52FormationA Friend
  • 21:24:08Robin SchulzSugar (feat. Francesco Yates)
  • 21:28:01KeshaHymn
  • 21:31:37Jasmine ThompsonAdore
  • 21:35:01Júníus MeyvantHailslide
  • 21:38:54MamamooYou're the Best
  • 21:43:49The KnocksClassic (feat. Powers)
  • 21:48:09ARNEOLaouen
  • 21:52:18Hunter HuntedReady for You
  • 21:55:47Louisa JohnsonSo Good
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The Monocle Daily

As North Korea tests yet another missile, we look at the diplomatic fissures it has opened up. Plus: the former CIA agent who identified and interrogated Saddam Hussein and an update on the Catalan independence drive in Spain.

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The Pacific Shift

Show playlist 
  • 23:03:43Julia MichaelsIssues
  • 23:06:39Karl KlevanPlay Along
  • 23:09:35Dua LipaNew Rules
  • 23:13:06GoldfrappAnymore
  • 23:17:02K.WillYou Call It Romance (ft. Davichi)
  • 23:21:28Luis FonsiDespacito (feat. Daddy Yankee)
  • 23:25:16SolangeLosing You
  • 23:29:40BLACKPINKPlaying With Fire
  • 23:33:01Autour De LucieChanson sans issue (ne vois-tu pas)
  • 23:36:24ShuraWhat's It Gonna Be
  • 23:39:56SHINeeView
  • 23:44:18Tove LoTrue Disaster
  • 23:47:33Anna Naklab feat. Alle Farben and YOUNOTUSSupergirl
  • 23:51:02Bruno MarsVersace On The Floor
  • 23:55:32Moon TaxiTwo High






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