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Cover art for The Briefing
22 May 2017
8 min

The Briefing - The deal-maker in Israel: 

After a fumbled approach to Israel’s tensions with Palestine, we assess the ramifications of Donald Trump’s visit to Israel.

Cover art for The Globalist
19 May 2017
16 min

The Globalist - ​Trump on tour: 

Donald Trump is about to begin his first overseas trip since assuming office. ​We preview his stops with Yossi Mekelberg, David Herszenhorn and David Willey.

Cover art for The Monocle Daily
18 May 2017
7 min

The Monocle Daily - Who is Robert Mueller?: 

John S Pistole, who was a deputy director at the FBI, tells us about the man who is overseeing the inquiry into Russia's alleged meddling in the US election.

Cover art for The Monocle Daily
17 May 2017
14 min

The Monocle Daily - The road to impeachment: 

A US president has never been removed from office. Today, congressman Al Green became the first to say the word “impeachment”. We discuss the implications.

Cover art for The Globalist
15 May 2017
9 min

The Globalist - Tough choices: 

US-affairs expert Jacob Parakilas on why appointing the successor to former FBI director James Comey has become a politically charged process in Washington.

Cover art for The Globalist
12 May 2017
11 min

The Globalist - The president and the showboat: 

Amid contradictory accounts of how James Comey’s firing came about, Donald Trump labels him a “showboat”. Brian Klaas explains why this crisis won't go away.

Cover art for Midori House
10 May 2017
8 min

Midori House - James Comey: 

Monocle 24’s Andrew Mueller discusses the ousting of FBI director James Comey with Shashank Joshi and Oscar Guardiola-Rivera.

Cover art for The Briefing
9 May 2017
6 min

The Briefing - Thirteen angry men: 

A senate working group of 13 men aims to ensure the Affordable Care Act passes into law but many fear the exclusion of women could doom the bill’s prospects.

Cover art for The Monocle Daily
5 May 2017
16 min

The Monocle Daily - Trump, Israel and Palestine: 

Can the US president help broker an Israel-Palestine peace deal?

Cover art for
3 May 2017
7 min

Monocle Presents - Healthcare in the US: 

Monocle’s Tom Edwards discusses healthcare in the US with guests Sebastian Borger and Brian Klaas.

Cover art for The Monocle Daily
24 Apr 2017
8 min

The Monocle Daily - Words don’t matter? : 

Monocle’s Washington correspondent Sasha Issenberg talks us through Barack Obama’s first speech since leaving the presidency.

Cover art for The Globalist
24 Apr 2017
4 min

The Globalist - Australia’s refugee deal with Trump: 

When Donald Trump described a refugee deal with Australia as ‘dumb’, many assumed it was off. We look at why it was so important for Australia to keep it going.

Cover art for The Briefing
12 Apr 2017
7 min

The Briefing - Has Trump gone cold on Russia?: 

Whatever the relationship between Donald Trump and the Kremlin might have been, it seems to have taken a sudden turn. We ask whether it’s quite what it seems.

Cover art for The Monocle Daily
11 Apr 2017
11 min

The Monocle Daily - Business as usual? : 

Foreign affairs specialist Michael Binyon discusses the issues surrounding US secretary of state Rex Tillerson’s visit to Moscow.

Cover art for The Foreign Desk
29 Apr 2017
29 min

The Foreign Desk - Trump’s first 100 days: 

We look at five key days that have defined Donald Trump’s presidency so far: from healthcare, to the relationship with the media, turning against old allies, imposing a travel ban and the ongoing investigation into links with Russia.

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