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Issue 30

Heroes of hospitality: the players reshaping the travel sector. Why the most successful nations and businesses are those where you want to linger: a special hospitality industry survey.

Issue 23

Vikings vs. Pirates: The Danish Navy on the hunt. Expo at sea, off Somalia with one of the world’s fittest fighting forces – a special Monocle report.

Mediterraneo 2013

The superyacht-sized newspaper from the makers of Monocle: 68 pages of beach-inspired fun.

Issue 93

Meet the new village people. Is it time to beat an urban retreat? Our Premiere Survey on the best villages and hamlets to set up shop, office and goat hutch (and all the little folk you'll need in your life).

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Adriano Meneghetti​x​Monocle belt

This luxurious handcrafted tweed-and-leather belt is Monocle’s newest collaboration with Italian designer Adriano Meneghetti. Its sleek brass buckle makes it a perfect addition to any wardrobe.

Hasamiyaki​x​Monocle cup set

Both playful and functional, Japanese brand Hasamiyaki designs beautiful and practical ceramic items intended for everyday use.

Issue 102

How to start a fashion brand, join the indie sports team and look hot (in a considered way). Plus: on patrol with a more vigilant Swedish army, our inaugural HQ Audit, the prime minister of Malta on a tough Brexit and our Expo on the juicy delights of Thailand's blissed-out party Wonderfruit

Style bundle

Grab a copy of our spring/summer style special, plus the 2017 edition of The Forecast and a travel guide of your choice. Look sharp with this well-dressed (and well-travelled) collection.

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