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Eurobike 2015

Last week saw industry professionals and cycling enthusiasts alike descend upon Friedrichshafen in Germany to check out the latest developments in pedal power. Here are our picks of the bunch.

01 Schindelhauer Wilhelm IX / XII / XVII

Schindelhauer’s flagship Wilhelm bicycle embodies the combination of elegant design and technological innovation that sets the brand apart. The Pinion gearbox – available in 9, 12 or 18 speed versions – and Gates CenterTrack belt drive system will keep you riding along smoothly, while the Brooks saddle ensures you’ll be doing so in style.

02 Moulton New Series Double Pylon

The brainchild of renowned British engineer Alex Moulton, the Moulton bicycle represented a completely new approach to cycle design when it first launched in 1962. The Double Pylon is the pinnacle of the current range; the performance offered by its innovative space-frame construction is matched only by its looks.

03 Nevi Vintage

Each of Nevi’s titanium frames is handmade in Italy. The Vintage model is custom built to order and marries a 70-year-old form to contemporary materials and engineering.

04 Pelago Stavanger

With a brand name extracted from the archipelago region of Finland, Pelago offers a clothing and cycle accessories range to compliment its stylish and practical bicycles. The Stavanger, which is designed and assembled in Helsinki, is named after the Norwegian coastal city of the same name.

05 Festka ONE Classic

With tubes made from top-grade Japanese raw carbon, the Festka ONE is in every other respect a Czech bicycle. As well as being designed and made in the country, Festka is working with the Czech Technical University in Prague to further refine and develop the bicycle’s design.

06 Viks Carbon

Estonian brand Viks celebrates its second birthday with this carbon iteration of its sporty and minimalist trademark frame. Crafted in Estonia using carbon tubes manufactured by Berk Composites of Slovenia, it’s fitted with a Gates carbon belt drive.

07 Cooper Sebring

British car designer John Cooper changed the face of motor racing with a design philosophy of combining functionality with beauty. The Sebring is built according to the same logic. The model on show at Eurobike was equipped with an electric motor hub on the rear wheel designed and made in Italy by Zehus, giving the bike a bit of a boost without cramping its style.

08 Yasujiro Cameo Pro

Already enjoying a growing majority share of assembled bicycle exports to the EU, Taiwan’s bicycle industry is booming. And it’s not just budget machines. The Yasujiro brand was originally founded in Japan in 1920 and is now based in Taiwan. All of the company’s bikes are manufactured from Cromo steel; the Cameo Pro represents the top of the range.

09 Coboc SEVEN Vesterbro

The e-bike market continues to grow. The Coboc SEVEN Vesterbro won a gold award at Eurobike this year and with good reason: the battery and electronics are completely integrated into the frame, sparing the rider and the viewing public the clunky visuals typical of e-bikes.

10 Riese & Muller Charger GX rohloff

And now to end with something a little more rugged. The Charger GX rohloff is the e-bike you can take anywhere. The 27.5" wheels and Schwalbe all-terrain tyres can handle even the most challenging terrain, while the Brooks leather saddle and ergonomic cork handles lend this utilitarian vehicle a touch of cosmopolitan flair.

August 2015 Friedrichshafen

Henry Rees-Sheridan
Oliver Fiegel


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