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Inventory no. 91

For our Australia-themed March issue we gathered together some of our favourite discoveries from down under, from tasty treats to clever design concepts.

01 Corker lamps: Max Harper

Sydneysider Max Harper broke into the design scene in 2014 with a shapely spherical light fixture made from bamboo panels. The playful new lamp is a Corker: this cylindrical pendant light is hand-shaped from cork and inspired by the hats worn by Aussie jackaroos (young hands on sheep and cattle farms). Opt for either a rotund or elongated style, with an optional pivot to angle the light in the desired direction.

02 Seeds: Little Veggie Patch Co

Melbourne-based Little Veggie Patch Co encourages people to grow produce in the city. Its Australia Day seed mix includes tomatoes, cucumber and onion while the Asia selection brings coriander, mint, mustard and a hit of fiery chilli to the table.

03 Moonshine: Melbourne Moonshine

This clear whisky-like spirit is distilled from Victoria-grown corn and inspired by co-founder Ben Bowles’ childhood in South Carolina. Brewed in two hand-forged copper stills, each batch of 130 bottles is made and labelled in Melbourne.

04 Ceramics: Mud Australia

Made from Limoges porcelain, this pastel-hued collection of plates, cups and bowls is made in Sydney. The interior of each piece is hand-painted with a shiny glaze while the surface is left coarse to be smoothed through use.

05 Sunglasses: Sunday Somewhere

Despite being conceived for use on a laidback Sunday, these good-looking sunnies would do us for any day of the week. Dave Allison’s unisex frames take inspiration from Australia around the world: one model is even named after a stranger he met on his travels.

06 Watches: Simple Watch Co

“Watches are fun because they have that mechanical aspect, which gives you lots of interesting options when designing,” says founder David Fraser. The Earl model’s vegetable-tanned leather and stainless steel is a nod to a classic car interior.

07 Chocolate: Loving Earth

Loving Earth has overhauled its chocolate-bar packaging, replacing subtle, earthy designs with bright illustrations that match the punchy flavours found inside. The decadent-tasting chocolate is raw and dairy-free, though you wouldn’t know it from the taste.

08 Coffee cups: Ode

Ceramacist Angela Thomas writes poems to accompany each of her collections. These porcelain cups – with their slight irregularities – are her ode to spontaneity. She makes 50 pieces per week and when things get busy friends help to sand and polish her tactile products.

09 Pocket-emptiers and bookends: Henry Wilson

Known for employing clever joinery techniques, Henry Wilson’s standout items include Vide Poche dishes (which means “empty pockets” in French), the desktop Thoronet dish and sturdy bronze bookends.

10 Money box: Noddy Boffin

Melbourne-based product designer Elliot Gorham specialises in lighting and furniture. Her Douglas fir money box – available in a range of sizes, shapes and colours – is well worth the pennies.

Chiara Rimella, Josh Fehnert
David Sykes


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