Picture of Baroness Margaret Thatcher Ex-UK prime minister
Baroness Margaret Thatcher dies, aged 87

The flag above 10 Downing Street is at half mast for the news of the Iron Lady’s passing. From her partnership with transatlantic ally Ronald Reagan to her early support of Mikhail Gorbachev, Baroness Thatcher leaves behind a reputation as one of the UK’s most significant leaders – albeit a controversial one. We gauge the international reaction to her death with correspondents and pundits from the countries where her impact was most felt.

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Sasha Issenberg

Monocle’s Washington correspondent


Ed Stocker

Monocle correspondent in Buenos Aires


John Rentoul

Chief political commentator, The Independent on Sunday


Joshua Yaffa

Monocle contributor in Moscow


Fiona Wilson

Monocle’s Asia
bureau chief

“We are already seeing a level of coverage and reaction from American politicians that is quite unusual for another head of state or government”

“She is seen as being the leader of the British forces who were responsible for many Argentinian lives that were lost, so in that sense she is a pretty
unpopular figure”

“On balance she was a necessary prime minister who achieved great things for the British economy in particular but I think the arguments will still go on about whether those were achieved at too-great a social cost”

“To this day she is remembered as a strong, competent, forceful leader, something that proves – regardless of the politics involved – attractive on a certain level to the Russian public. They are drawn to those sorts of forceful, world historical figures”

“I think there will be a strong reaction from Japan, the prime minister Shinzo Abe is quite a fan of Mrs Thatcher, he quoted her recently”






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