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Head for heights

With a raft of new aircraft and a brand refresh waiting in the wings, we speak to Lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr about what lies ahead for the German flag-carrier.

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Hitting heights

Home to aircraft manufacturers, suppliers and associations, Montréal is a leading centre of aviation. At the forefront is Bombardier, whose new C Series planes will benefit the whole of Québec province – not to mention…

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Hot and cold

The chief executive of Portuguese national airline TAP on how he’s seen the flag-carrier through turbulent times – and why workaholics are not to be trusted.

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Gaining altitude

With the global demand for pilots climbing, meet the next generation of aviators and discover one flight school that, despite facing threats from a turbulent industry, is undeniably in the ascendancy.



Awaiting take-off

Speculation about the future of the Boeing 757 fleet and a forthcoming replacement is mounting but vital airframers think they have a strategy to fill the single-aisle jet’s spot in the market. Here’s our take on the 757…

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Flight fantastic

The man behind Japan Airlines’ incredible turnaround discusses his graduation from pilot to president, attracting new trade and taking on the low-cost carriers.

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Aiming high

Following a spell of financial turbulence things are looking up for Finnair, with plans for an airport expansion, a fleet makeover and a focus on promoting the national brand. Monocle heads to the airline’s headquarters to…

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Team captain

Whether it’s successfully running two global airlines, steering a crisis-hit media empire or chairing a major financial institution, Sir Rod Eddington takes leadership inspiration from sports and knows the business game…

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Runaway success

Buoyed by 100 years of heritage, Alenia Aermacchi has engineered a venerable position at the forefront ofcivilian and military aeronautics. Monocle tours the company’s Turin facility for a pre-flight check.

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Blue-sky thinking

Viking Air, a small parts manufacturer from British Columbia, had never even thought about building aeroplanes, but when the firm acquired the licences for de Havilland’s discontinued but adored sea and bush planes, the…

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Briefing business

Why fixing planes is better than flying them, why investors dig the student life and posh pawn gets the pulses racing in the US.

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A head for flights

Turkey’s aviation market is growing faster than China’s, and Turkish Airlines is helping turn Istanbul into a hub that could soon rival Dubai. CEO Temel Kotil explains how traditional Turkish hospitality has been key to his…

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Travel briefing

Italy's Malpensa airport loses out to Rome, Taiwan's airline face turbulent times and Japan re-enters the regional aircraft market.

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Smooth landing

Plans for a Terminal 5 at Heathrow were unveiled in 1993. Fifteen years and €5.6bn later, the largest single-span structure in the UK is ready. In Singapore, meanwhile, the new T3 at Changi has also opened its departure…

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