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Section D, 263

25 October 2016

This week we’re in Singapore to discover what the Lion City can teach the world about doing a lot with a little in the fields of fashion, architecture, product design and city-building.


Section D, On Design 13: Who is Álvaro Siza?

20 October 2016

We explore the life and career of Portuguese architect Álvaro Siza. During six decades of work Siza’s style has come to encompass the optimism of the post-Salazar years and speaks volumes about Portugal’s soft-power pull…



Walk this way

Autumnal Vancouver is an attractive choice for the urban dweller, with myriad shops, cafés, walks and more. All you need are clothes that look sharp and ward off the Pacific chill; pull on a locally made sweatshirt and…


Section D, 262

18 October 2016

This week we bring you a very special edition of ‘Section D’ recorded live from Midori House in London’s Marylebone. Typographer and designer Erik Spiekermann, ‘Disegno’ founder and V&A curator Johanna Agerman Ross and…


Section D, 261

11 October 2016

We usher in Autumn with a global survey of what’s going on in the worlds of design and architecture.


Section D, 260

4 October 2016

Wood may be one of the oldest design materials but it’s still being used creative by designers and architects today. We find out how.


Section D, 259

27 September 2016

Britain may have opted to leave Europe this summer but there’s a global feel to the London Design Festival. We drop into a few choice exhibitions from the 400 or so events that unfolded here last week, speak to designer…


Section D, 258

20 September 2016

As one of Europe’s fastest growing cities, Oslo is uniquely suited to hosting one of this year’s biggest architecture events. We speak to the curators and director behind Oslo Architecture Triennale 2016 and get analysis…


Section D, On Design 8: Who is Kengo Kuma?

15 September 2016

This week Monocle’s Tokyo bureau chief Fiona Wilson takes us through the life and work of Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, who through his buildings and writings has reinterpreted traditional Japanese architecture for the…



Tides of change

The striking modernist headquarters of Danish shipping giant Maersk is a monument to the discreet elegance and formidable eye for detail of the firm’s late CEO and chairman.



Design briefing

The sunny outlook for London's design scene and Johanna Agerman Ross on her new role at the V&A.

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