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Section D, 255

30 August 2016

On today’s show we bring you some sartorial delights as we look ahead to the October fashion special of Monocle magazine.


Section D, On Design 5: What is Jengki design?

25 August 2016

This week our Singapore bureau chief Nolan Giles talks us through a charming, playful and uniquely Indonesian style of architecture and design from the 1950s. Jengki betrays the politics of its day but remains a popular…


Section D, 254

23 August 2016

This week we turn our attention to London. Storm clouds of uncertainty may be overhead in the wake of the UK’s decision to leave Europe but a few design-minded developments are showing the British capital in a sunnier light…



Smooth selling

Boasting doesn’t come easy to the Basque but we meet the furniture movers, shakers and makers who are going against the grain and doing just that: selling themselves and redefining their industrial heritage in the process…



Designs of the time

‘House Vision’ is an exhibition that invites creative thinkers to explore new possibilities for urban living. Welcome to the future of the Japanese house – delivery-friendly outdoor fridge and handy pull-down bath included…


Section D, 253

16 August 2016

In this special edition of the show we – like sun-hungry holiday-makers – head for Spain. Our Madrid correspondent takes stock of the design scene in Madrid, Barcelona and beyond.


Section D, 252

9 August 2016

We celebrate resourcefulness and turn our attention to people who are making the most of what they’ve got.


Section D, On Design 2: What is Googie architecture?

4 August 2016

‘On Design’ is a weekly feature brought to you by the team behind ‘Section D’. Over a few minutes each week we profile a person, survey a place or unpick an idea that’s changing or shaping the design industry today. In this…


Section D, 251

2 August 2016

Last month 17 of modernist architect Le Corbusier’s buildings were added to Unesco’s World Heritage List. We ask why architectural preservation is important and who decides what’s worth saving.


Section D, 250

26 July 2016

We carefully unwrap a few treats from the world of packaging design.

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