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Section D, 274

10 January 2017

On today’s boxfresh show we step into the well-worn world of wearable design as we cast our gaze streetward and talk shoe design with a 30-year veteran of the industry from Nike and an Argentinian cobbler making shoes to…


Section D, 273

3 January 2017

We usher in the new year by speaking to three incisive commentators about what 2017 holds in store for design, architecture and fashion.


Section D, 272

27 December 2016

From tips on designing a successful architecture competition to the secret life of colour. Plus: how to live in a city, sustainable design and an in-depth discussion of chair copyright law.


Section D, 271

20 December 2016

We pay homage to the buildings that never were and the grand designs that didn't make it off the drawing board.


Section D, 270

13 December 2016

In a design calendar saturated with stuffy halls and sad sandwiches, Design Miami – an offshoot of the Art Basel fair held in Miami each December – is a sunny and salubrious affair. Monocle’s New York deputy bureau chief…


Building momentum

From homelessness to hurricanes, the issues that call for homes that can be thrown up swiftly and securely are diverse. But it also helps if they can profit their surroundings – both financially and aesthetically.


Piece together

Amid the crises that Lebanon has faced over the past few years, new design galleries and studios have emerged across the capital and secured its status as a chief design centre in the Middle East.


What's in store?

Hopefully better graphics and windows in our department stores. To help, here are a few design cues for shaping smart packaging, signage and service to keep shoppers coming back time after time.


Seasoned to taste

From keeping a nation’s food culture fresh to shelf space for small-scale producers, here are five food firms with tasty ideas for the year ahead.


Statement piece

The US and UK may be falling short when it comes to making a good impression but Berlin is firming up its footing on the world stage with a sparkling renovation of its stellar department store Kadewe.

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