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The Bulletin with UBS, 124

19 February 2017

How does a country reconcile stabilising growth and accumulating debt? We ask whether China’s advocacy for globalisation is at odds with its restrictive capital controls and how the country can cope with an overheating…


The Entrepreneurs, 279

15 February 2017

In the mid-1990s Australia-born Jasper Cuppaidge ended up in London after missing his connecting flight while on a surfing trip. Years later and still in London, he founded one of the city’s most famous and beloved beer…


The Bulletin with UBS, 123

12 February 2017

The last in a special series of UBS future of finance forums comes from Hong Kong, where a panel of industry experts, delegates and guests discuss investing in alternative assets in the digital age.


The Entrepreneurs, 278

8 February 2017

Indian entrepreneur Bhavin Turakhia has been building technology start-ups with his brother Divyank since they were teenagers, beginning with a business loan of a few hundred dollars from their father. The two have recently…


The Bulletin with UBS, 122

5 February 2017

We unpack the longer-term investment themes that the UBS CIO expects to perform best in 2017, from automation and robotics to security and safety. We also review the global trends behind them and discuss how current poli…


The Entrepreneurs, 277

1 February 2017

French entrepreneur Alexandre Mars founded one of Europe’s first-ever web agencies, one of the world’s largest mobile marketing agencies and sold his social-media management company to Blackberry – but he’s now on a mission…


The Bulletin with UBS, 121

29 January 2017

Discussing the UBS white paper for the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting. The document sets out a strategy to channel private wealth towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, tying in with the broader Davos mee…


The Entrepreneurs, 276

25 January 2017

The global watch industry is going through tough times but amid the hand-wringing and alarmism you may have missed a more optimistic story: small independent brands are actually going through a renaissance. This week we…


The Bulletin with UBS, 120

22 January 2017

In a year of leadership change at home and abroad, which developments will drive the country's economy and markets? What are the prospects for the yuan in 2017? And how will China balance short-term priorities against long…



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From an iconic US brand to Dutch teaching that’s second to ‘nun’, we present our guide to multilingualism.

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