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The Entrepreneurs, 241

25 May 2016

How do you successfully reinvent a popular brand? Tony Conrad and Jeff Veen of Silicon Valley-based venture-capital firm True Ventures sit down with Daniel Giacopelli to discuss tips learned from growing, selling and then…


The Bulletin with UBS, 85

22 May 2016

As global shoppers go from streets and shopping centres to online outlets, our panel of international experts explains the winners and losers of e-commerce. We ask if it’s a threat to overall corporate profits and consider…


The Entrepreneurs, 240

18 May 2016

Pippa Murray is a London-based marathoner who made delicious nut butter to fuel her runs. She tells us why she quit her day job to turn her passion into booming business Pip & Nut – and why it involved living in a shed for…


The Bulletin with UBS, 84

15 May 2016

After a decade of strong growth in the hedge-fund industry there are signs that the golden era of this alternative investment vehicle is drawing to a close. But what’s caused this uncertainty and what does the future hold…


The Entrepreneurs, 239

11 May 2016

Along with oxygen, water and shelter, healthy food is one of the bare necessities of life. So why is the modern food supply chain so broken – and how can we fix it? London start-up FarmDrop has a solution. Meanwhile, the…


The Bulletin with UBS, 83

8 May 2016

This week we’re exploring UBS’s groundbreaking Oncology Impact Fund, an impact-investing initiative aimed at developing cancer treatments that has raised close to $500m (€440m). We will hear from analysts and experts across…


The Entrepreneurs, 238

4 May 2016

From the maker of a wildfire-fighting drone to the inventor of a robotic roadie, we meet Beirut’s entrepreneurs to discover why they’re staying put and innovating in the face of the country’s business hurdles. Meanwhile,…


The Bulletin with UBS, 82

1 May 2016

The idea of old age has shifted as people are living longer. We travel the world to gauge how views have changed and learn that retirement is not the same as old age.


The Entrepreneurs, 237

27 April 2016

Former fighter pilot Jonny Nicol reveals why he built Stratajet, billed as the world’s first fully automated, real-time, real-cost system for booking a private jet. We also meet a new player on the venture-capital scene:…


The Bulletin with UBS, 81

24 April 2016

UBS analysts and global experts assess China’s messy property market. We dig into the volatility and ask about the implications – of boom or bust – for China and the rest of the world.


The Entrepreneurs, 236

20 April 2016

The world’s most famous recording studio has launched a programme to mentor the next generation of music-technology companies. We swing by London’s Abbey Road to hear the story of one promising start-up from the inaugural…


The Bulletin with UBS, 80

17 April 2016

This week we look at the performance of the US dollar and explore whether an easing in its strength could mark a turning point for commodities and emerging markets. We consider how Europe might fare if the euro begins to…

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