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Aerial assault

Galgalatz is a popular radio station with an eclectic music mix. What’s unusual is that the DJs wear uniforms, short haircuts and very shiny shoes. Monocle listens in to the Israeli Army on the airwaves.

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The lines are open

Veteran journalist Menashe Amir broadcasts in Farsi from Israel to millions of Iranians. His weekly radio call-in show on Israel Radio International is a way for people in the Islamic Republic to air their views.

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Dream team

Israel’s National Search and Rescue Unit, made up entirely of volunteers, is always one of the first teams to arrive in major disasters, including the earthquake in Haiti.

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Desert Dream

Once a provincial backwater, the Jordanian port town of Aqaba is in the midst of a vast regeneration programme that will reposition it as the ‘gateway to the Levant’.

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Paradise regained

The kibbutzim may have been born out of socialist ideals but for years their appeal has been fading. Now, to survive, they’ve formed into profit-making cooperatives and Israelis are returning because of their high living…

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Peace and prosperity

The Palestinians have unique assets and the potential to build a strong economy. But most of them live in dire poverty and increasingly people are asking, wouldn’t the chances of peace be greater if the Palestinians were…

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Med school

Palestinians and Israelis are among the first intake at the new Euro-Mediterranean University. Embodying the ideals of Nicolas Sarkozy’s Mediterranean Union, it’s an attempt to create a new generation of cooperative leaders…


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