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Folk’s festival

Drinks brand Capi has an HQ that’s more than it seems: it’s a place of work and play where unloved office furniture has made way for quality design pieces and works of art inspire all the brands under its roof.

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Up in the heavens

When the Coptic pope headed to Melbourne, it was about more than tending the flock: he had a skyscraper deal to celebrate.

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Sea change

John Wardle’s award-winning Bruny Island farm has a new showpiece: a mariner’s cottage, tranformed.

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Man at work

For decades things have been on the up down under. But if Malcolm Turnbull wants to keep it that way he must show strength and make some tough decisions.

C 2016


The lay of the land

From Colombia to Moldova and a fair few places in between, we take stock of what makes the world go round – and yes, manicures and underwear both feature prominently.

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Team captain

Whether it’s successfully running two global airlines, steering a crisis-hit media empire or chairing a major financial institution, Sir Rod Eddington takes leadership inspiration from sports and knows the business game…

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The new wave

Australia’s surf-lifesaving clubs offer essential services such as plucking stricken swimmers from waters around the nation’s coast. In Sydney, a new clubhouse is celebrating the best of Australian beach culture and arrives…

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The interview series 2013/4

From Chile to the Philippines, Monocle meets five political heavyweights as they look back over 2013 and forwards to the various challenges of the year ahead.

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Office party

The largest of its kind, Orgatec is a biannual trade fair that draws office furniture manufacturers from around the globe to the outskirts of Köln. It’s a chance for the industry’s largest names to showcase the office of…

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Look back in wonder

The white-topped marquees that dot Regent’s park during the Frieze Art Fair have become a fixture of autumnal London. The fair has built an unrivaled reputation for attracting the world’s most exciting mix of industry…

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Flying the flag

From Portugal's telecoms giants to a Brazilian flip-flop maker, we pick 15 companies making waves in Portuguese-speaking world and beyond.

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Industry targets

Keeping the wheels of war turning requires well-run businesses. Some of the world’s most recognisable household brand names have pushed ahead in the fields of technology and innovation by supplying new products to the…

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Ready, set, go

Preparations from the seating to the flags and the turf are nearly complete for this summer’s London Olympics. We look at the companies that have won the contracts to supply the Games.


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