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Expo no. 82: States of airplay

While rolling news and shock jocks may grab the headlines there is another facet of US media quietly growing its audience. Public radio is heir to a rich tradition of discursive debate, grass-roots music and local focus…

B 70


Boosting Houston

Economy-wise, Houston is bigger than Austria and South Africa, thanks largely to its oil and gas industry. But alongside the energy behemoths, small entrepreneurial businesses are finding a welcoming niche.

C 69


Catching the wave

First published in 1992, ‘The Surfer’s Journal’ is more book than magazine. It’s a handsome, lovingly produced, defiantly old-school title that’s holding out against the incoming tide of digital culture.

B 66


Border of Business

Despite being heavily patrolled, business across the US-Mexican border is more fluid than it appears. Monocle visits companies making all the right waves.

B 61


Clean break

This Tennessee city used to be known for its smog and stench. However, Chattanooga has cleaned up its act, establishing itself as an emerging technology hub and the home of Volkswagen’s only US factory. How did that happen…

A 58


Best of the best

Good medical care is about more than mending broken bones – it also fixes nations. These are the countries and people building healthier states.

B 57


Drone Home

Unmanned military planes and helicopters are a controversial subject but visitors and exhibitors at the Unmanned Systems North America trade fair were unfazed. They’re more excited about drones that can do the housework.

L 55


Expo 55: Portland

The stern influence of the North Atlantic may make Maine’s largest settlement misty and cold for much of the year but that doesn’t prevent the warm, relaxed lifestyle of Portland’s inhabitants from being extremely infect…

A 50


Source of energy

Houston, in oil-rich Texas, isn’t a city you might associate with progressive or green credentials. And yet its inhabitants have just re-elected Annise Parker, a liberal who has put renewable energy firmly on the agenda,…

A 49


Rocket city

Huntsville, Alabama is a global player in the defence and aerospace industries but in order to ensure its economic future it must diversify. It’s looking to bio-tech to not only attract top researchers and entrepreneurs,…

A 48


Special envoys

As embassies struggle to retain a foothold in a diversifying (and cost-cutting) world, the role of the diplomat is changing beyond recognition. We meet the next generation.

D 39


Schools of thought

With design playing a more integrated role in government and business strategy around the world, Monocle hunts down the establishments spear-heading new movements and others that are keeping traditional ones alive.

D 38


Pot luck

When two designers bought a pottery, their home became a colourful showcase for the company. Not only have they been able to turn around an ailing business but they’ve also completely restructured and redecorated their…

B 33


Sunny outlook

The Mojave desert receives more sunlight than anywhere else in the US, so plans for it to become a solar-power ‘Saudi Arabia’ seem spot on. But while many recession-hit locals are in full support, others are casting a…


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