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How to be a modern spy

As digital footprints have become easier to follow, the espionage game has changed. We track where it’s heading.

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21. Speaking up

Taiwan offered a masterclass in how to detect the virus and stop it in its tracks. Trouble is that a spat with China and the World Health Organization meant that the lessons were not widely shared. Foreign minister Joseph…

D 2019


Better together

Could a co-operative housing estate in Switzerland be the model for a new way of living that can help city dwellers escape sky-high rents and a lack of interaction? We head to Mehr als Wohnen to find out.

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Progressive rock

Gibraltar voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU. With the rest of the UK set on leaving, what does that mean for the diminutive British territory?

L 2018


Making tracks

Nothing epitomised the golden age of travel like the Orient Express. But with the venerable service now existing only as an upscale tourist attraction, anyone wanting to savour its classic itinerary has to catch a hotchp…

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It’s all to play for

With World Cup fever sweeping Midori House, we’ve put together a squad of marauding mayoral superstars willing to put in 110 per cent. Ultimately goals win games and, from improving public transport to (two-footed) tackling…

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High minded

Perched above the clouds, tiny San Marino has no airport or railway station but it does have 17 centuries of national history. With its bird’s-eye view of the world, its aloof attitude to foreign affairs is understandable…

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Home sweet home

Considered bland and suburban by most, the Home Counties boast a bubbling undercurrent of creativity. UK band Saint Etienne is now singing their praises

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Between the lines

Matters of national and international security are best left to the professionals. But who are they and where do they get their intelligence? From fact to fiction, we reveal our sources.

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Maple leaf empire

Canada, one of the best-loved nations in the world, exports more than just good will and maple syrup. From peacekeeping troops to submarines and lentils, this vast and varied country makes a mark in the unlikeliest of…

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Brothers in arms

Canada may be seen as the perennial nice guy but its military are ready for a fight. We join them in Ukraine, where they are taking a stand against Russia.

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Image nation

Australia is not short of iconography that speaks of a strong national character and sense of place, be it a no-nonsense ruggedness or the boundless enigma of the outback. Monocle examines these symbolic shorthands and how…

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Crossing the line

Ever since the accidental opening of the Berlin Wall, the need for national fortified borders has been up for debate. Are barbed wire and watchtowers required to keep a country safe – or are our leaders going a step too far…

C 2015


Life on the slow track

Andrew Mueller reporting from Italy: OK, it takes a day – but what a ride. The train from Milan to Palermo jolts and shudders and even gets eased onto a ferry at one point. But when you’ve got a bed, view and some quirky…

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Past tense

Not far from the sun loungers and beach bars of this holiday hotspot, a stretch of no-man’s land is forever 1974. It marks the frontier policed by the UN’s longest-established peacekeeping force, where success is measured…

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Desert bloom

Located geographically and aesthetically far from famed Emirati excess, the €12bn Masdar City project is trying to plot out a new urban vision. But taking root in the desert has proved difficult: so far just 300 people live…

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Good feline

As a global Japanese image, Doraemon aptly combines cuteness and faith in technology. But with the blue robot cat from the future seeming increasingly rooted in the past, there’s a sense that Tokyo’s soft-power brokers want…

L 78


Life on the edge

Russia’s military involvement in Ukraine has irked the West but how has local life been affected along the other Baltic borders? Monocle tours the Russian-speaking hinterlands of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania for lessons…

L 77


Expo 77: Hope for the best

Forged in the wake of war, Unesco stands tall as a bastion of peace and principle. Monocle visited its modernist headquarters in Paris to discover an institution dedicated to optimism despite brutal funding cuts and a…


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