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War of words

Since the 1970s the UK capital has been the home of the Arab media’s dissenting voices. But now, amid a Saudi and Qatar squabble, the press crackles with opinions, anger and propaganda.

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Ghosts of the past

Belgium has opened an impressive new embassy in the Democratic Republic of Congo. But this soft-power flourish will struggle to repair relations with the old colonial master – especially when the DRC is set on a worrying…

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Expo: Sea change

A tiny North Atlantic archipelago of 50,000 people, the Faroe Islands falls under the Danish crown. But economic growth and cultural confidence means that some Faroese see themselves as increasingly distant from the Danes…

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Hidden talents

On Saudi Arabia’s fledgling cultural scene, artists tread a precarious path to put the kingdom on the international art map. While inspiration and invention flourish behind closed doors, the spectres of censorship and…

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Poll position

Nothing encapsulates German self-image like the country’s car industry. With voters set to decide between more Merkel or a change of direction, we considered what the contenders’ rides say about their popular appeal.

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Turkey’s beach clubs: sea change

Christopher Lord reporting from the Aegean coast, Turkey: Political upheaval and terror attacks have hit tourism hard here but beach clubs are being buoyed by a homegrown crowd escaping city life and uncertainty.

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Floats your boat

The strategically key Bosphorus Strait has put Istanbul’s nerdy ship-spotters at the axis of shifting military tides.


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Close Thais

In the fiercely competitive world of mall development, Thailand’s Siam Piwat is the gold standard. CEO Chadatip Chutrakul makes sure it stays that way with a team of visionaries.

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Career advisers

With the German chancellor’s position hanging in the balance, we ask politicians, journalists, media experts and more to give us their angle on Angela’s next move – was jetzt?

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Party nation

He’s the president who queues for his custard tart, walked to the palace for his inauguration and supports migrants – and everyone seems to love him for it.

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Securing the skies

With Donald Trump’s comments about ditching Nato and his ambiguous stance towards Russia stoking fears of being abandoned, the airbase at Ämari has become a crucial site for policing the Baltic states from above.

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Sunny outlook

During the monsoon season Oman’s second city turns into a lush oasis in the heart of the Arabian desert. It is ripe for discovery – and ready to give its Gulf neighbours some competition in the year ahead.

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Piece together

Amid the crises that Lebanon has faced over the past few years, new design galleries and studios have emerged across the capital and secured its status as a chief design centre in the Middle East.

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Healthy trade

Bulent Eczacibasi heads the industrial group with a focus on pharmaceuticals that bears his family name – and he’s been creative to maintain success. In London for the Design Biennial, he tells us why patronage is key to…

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Designer plans

Dubai wants to be known for more than its artificial islands and ‘megatall’ skyscrapers. We visit the city’s design district and meet the makers trying to turn it into a bastion of Middle Eastern craft and creativity.

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Fully functional

Christopher Lord reporting from Brno: The Czech Republic’s second city was central to European design before falling into a troubled 20th-century sleep. Revival came thanks to research investment but its future may lie in…

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Pleasure island

The Princes Islands in the Sea of Marmara are strewn with summer homes but none recall Turkey’s mid-century moment like this 1950s retreat. In fact, there’s still an echo of those times in its clean lines – and the occas…

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Limbo land: Nagorno-Karabakh

The republic of Nagorno-Karabakh in the Caucasus lies in purgatory. Despite its violent history, peace and PR is seen as the fastest route to normality; we visited just before the most recent flare-up to see if it can…






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