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Desert storm

The Israeli Defense Forces base of Ir Habahadim is at the heart of the government’s vision to settle and develop the Negev desert – but it’s a plan that’s also controversial.

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Give peace a chance

Donald Trump’s views on Jerusalem have left many feeling all hope of peace between Israelis and Palestinians is lost. But even now powerful campaigners are breaking the divide with a different message.

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Promised landing

No other national airline is as closely aligned with its country’s identity as Israel’s El Al. But without a change in the company culture, how can Zionism and pragmatism co-exist?

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Desert Operation

It’s twice as big in area as Tel Aviv but it has only 200,000 residents – and a reputation for being dusty and dreary. Be’er-Sheva’s mayor, however, plans to change that. But the makeover leaves little space for the local…

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Drone zone

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are a remote-controlled method of attacking militant targets but often end up with civilian casualties. For Israel, the world leader in their development, they’re the future.

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Batumi boom

Georgia’s second city is in the midst of a frantic transformation from sleepy resort to major tourist and investment hub. Intent on branding itself as a European-style cultural hotspot, it also aims to become a Caucasian…

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Brand aid

While their politicians dither, Palestinians are developing a vibrant economy and creating a brand for their yet-to-be-created nation. Monocle meets the new generation of optimists.

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A hard sell

The brief: to persuade Afghanis to take pride in their national army, to shun terrorism and to give up the narcotics trade. Not an easy task in a country where war has been raging for nine years and where the population is…


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