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Battle of the bulge

No menswear item is more divisive than a pair of speedos. And opinions on ‘banana hammocks’ are informed by national psyche. We reveal all.

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Summit special

Mountainwear brand Amundsen Sports is hitting the heights with performance technology – and a hot take on the knickerbocker. We head into the hills with them.

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Creature comforts

Fashion brands are taking ownership of their supply chains and keeping an eye on the animals that provide their materials. We meet the menagerie contributing to the world’s wardrobes.

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Wardrobe directions

Our editors have toured the showrooms, interrogated the buyers and been to the shows. The following pages offer up our picks of the spring/summer 2018 season.

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Buying time

While some buyers have a spreadsheet mentality, others see their jobs as a chance to be creative editor. We meet three menswear gurus who use collages, scrapbooks and snapshots to deliver the goods.

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On your marks

The worlds of fashion and performance wear aren’t cut from the same cloth but you wouldn’t know it from the stalls at Ispo, the world’s biggest sportswear fair. The lines between Prada and Patagonia are increasingly blurred…

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In the frame

As one of the world’s most influential creative agencies, Art Partner represents a select group of the fashion industry’s leading image-makers. We stopped by to find out what it takes for a photographer to make the cut.

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Swede success

Can a 20-year-old label – a relative whippersnapper – and a Swedish one at that, really mix it with the big-league luxury brands? We speak to Acne Studios executive chairman Mikael Schiller about his business plans, retail…

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Style council

Jamie Waters reporting on future fashion: The next trend can be as much about political fluctuations as the latest tunes filling Tokyo dancefloors. We talk to industry leaders – and share our own thoughts – on the next big…

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Knitty gritty

He delights in the detail but, for the founder of knitwear label John Sterner, provenance is also a priority – so before launching the collection he bought a sheep farm.

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Fashion briefing

We ponder whether fashion brands can sell happiness, plus the best autumn/winter looks from Margaret Howell and New Zealand's Kowtow, among others/

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A cut above

Eschewing the traditional path into the fashion industry, young designer Déborah Neuberg is making her own way in the highly competitive world of Paris fashion.

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Spit and polish

They’ve flexed their finger muscles and got their cloths ready: the best shoe-shiners in the business prepare to go toe to toe.

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Easy pieces

Far from the madding crowds of Milan, family-run label Barena is causing a quiet stir with its Venice-inspired clothing and calm work ethic.

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Shifting sands

Sleepy Mediterranean towns become high-fashion havens each summer. But with the Russians gone, can you still make big money from small bikinis?

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Is H&M’s new flagship the future of fast retail? Plus: have suits become a thing of the past?

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Emerging patterns

Shops and stylists, tailors and tracht: welcome to Monocle’s worldwide wardrobe of fashion-forward folk to keep an eye on.

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On the run

Indie sports-shoe brands are giving the big players a run for their money – and Spalwart is at the front of the pack.

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Home comforts

In the fashion world, ‘Made in Germany’ sort of falls flat – but A Kind of Guise is determined to raise the country’s profile.

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True stories

As founders of film distributor Dogwoof, Anna Godas and Andy Whittaker transformed what audiences expect from documentaries. With a keen eye for factual thrills, they’ve now turned to production to seek out the next real…

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Whole lotta Ljub

The Slovenian capital is a treasure trove of smart, creative and unusual gifts – and boasts a winning mix of stirring surroundings and polished pit-stops to make it an ideal festive foray.






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