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Keep it reel

While newspapers and broadcasters pull the plug on budgets for investigative journalism and documentary, Monocle meets Norway’s documentary filmmakers leading the charge to protect films that ask, answer and entertain.

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Curated community

Last year we engineered the perfect neighbourhood and received praise from the World Health Organisation for putting small business at the core of our high street. This year, we’ve come up with a better borough.

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Gilt trip

Financial markets are gripped by gold fever – it could soon hit $1,000 an ounce. Key to this secretive trade are the daily bullion flights between the world’s leading financial hubs. Welcome aboard Bullion Air.

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Tough nut to crack

Although the European nut market was worth over €8bn in 2007, consumption there is peanuts compared to the Middle East. But Al Rifai, the Lebanese ‘Rolls-Royce of nut companies’, is expanding into Europe’s underdeveloped…

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Uniform approach

Outsourcing has a bad name – a way of cutting labour costs by employing people in India and China (over three million US jobs will be lost to this trend by 2015). But there’s also a growing move for nations to outsource…

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Finn blue line

Åland, an archipelago in Scandinavia, is hailed as a model for how to create a harmonious “nation” – without giving it full independence – academics and politicians even studied it as a model for Kosovo. The prosperous…

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Second to none

Once a year, the top watchmakers gather in Basel to reveal their newest creations – and the world comes to buy. Monocle was there to discover the leading trends and take the pulse of the market.

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Letter from Tallinn

In 1991, impoverished Estonia broke free from the old Soviet Union. Today it is Europe’s fastest-growing economy. No surprise then that the nation has just voted back into power the coalition government which has overseen…

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Man of the moment

While the Milan menswear shows make the press, the real business is done at the Pitti Immagine Uomo menswear show in Florence. Monocle was there to see the designs that won deals and fill its fantasy wardrobe.

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Trigger Happy

Dundee is a key hub for the world’s computer games industry. And not just any games. The city’s software houses are responsible for some of the most violent titles ever produced, including Grand Theft Auto. Why Dundee? Is…


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