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Spirited community

Tasmania has become a powerhouse of Aussie cooking, growing and brewing. Now it’s out to dominate the gin market by using its unique ingredients and a resourcefulness that their remote island home imbues.

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Spreading the word

Maori Television is breathing life into a threatened language through its indigenous broadcasts. But will naysayers and a tight budget halt the network’s progress?

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She who dares, wins

Digital innovation and streamlined services have made Estonia one of Europe’s most welcoming countries. Here the president discusses her nation’s winning streak – and its difficult neighbour.

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China in his hands?

Xi Jinping may remain popular but with a worsening economy, dangerous pollution levels and a newly unpredictable relationship with the US, how strong is the president’s grip on his country?

C 102


A new chapter

Independent bookshops in China are operating with a new lease of life. We find a quiet corner in three of the best to find out how they keep customers coming back.

E 2016


Go ape

See no evil, hear no evil and you know the rest – what we’re trying to get at is that the advent of the Year of the Monkey is a very positive development. Peel a banana, grab a friend to groom and find out why.

A 88


Gaining momentum

On a whirlwind tour taking in the likes of the Netherlands, Italy and Ethiopia, Monocle meets the new wave of diplomats making valuable connections in one of China’s fastest-growing cities.

D 2015


City break

On the edge of the Yangmingshan national park, the peaceful suburb of Beitou offers a reinvigorated model for living beyond the bustle of urban centres.

A 77


The ties that bind

Taiwan’s tussle with China for Pacific island allies may have calmed but that hasn’t stopped the push for soft power in the region. Monocle visits Taipei’s embassy hub to discover there’s more than money at the heart of…

A 73


Voice of the people

Singaporean director Royston Tan has challenged his country’s conventional narrative – which prizes prosperity and stability – by telling the stories of those living on the margins of society. But even the government has…

B 65


Grow your own

As populations become more urban and people become more aware of where their food comes from, city farms, whether it’s beekeeping in Brisbane or vegetable growing in Havana, are coming into their own.

L 65


Expo 65 – Part 04: Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai seems to have the best of both worlds: a laidback approach to life combined with enough vim and vigour to allow for frenzied building work, academic advances and a lively music scene. However, is the city’s poise…

C 59


Cinema Paradise

When it comes to a Friday night out at the movies, we’ll be booking our seats in Bangkok, Singapore and Tokyo. Now pass the Peranakan menu and a blanket.

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Protecting Yangon's architecture, tackling illegal mining in Goa, and understanding seismic activity in Taiwan.

A 46


Two is company

In the latest in our ambassadors series, Monocle talks to the husband-and-wife team trying out the ultimate diplomatic job share scheme in the Thai capital.

A 45


Looking for a plan

What happens when urban planning goes wrong? The answer is Dongguan, a metropolis hastily erected on the back of a 1980s economic boom. With poor transport and half-empty shopping centres, life is a struggle. But authori…

C 41


Turn on to China

As part of a soft-power drive, the Chinese media is learning to talk a new language. Monocle visits the studio of CNC World, a recently launched 24-hour English-language news channel owned by the state-run agency Xinhua.

D 39


Schools of thought

With design playing a more integrated role in government and business strategy around the world, Monocle hunts down the establishments spear-heading new movements and others that are keeping traditional ones alive.


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