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Chile’s first female president, Michelle Bachelet, was tortured as a student under Pinochet’s rule and lived in exile for nearly five years. As her term comes to an end, Monocle talks to the popular leader about male cha…

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Like a surgeon

With wild sturgeon disappearing from the Caspian Sea, sustainable caviar production from farms is taking over. At Desietra in Germany even the much sought-after Beluga caviar can now be produced. And it’s winning over the…

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Jørgen Bodum

Jørgen Bodum is the 60-year-old CEO of the kitchenware company that bears his name. A Swiss resident, he gets his kicks from freshly peeled shrimps and a dip in the ocean when he makes it back to his native Denmark.

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Bread winner

After 40 years of selling Danish pastries in Japan, Andersen has opened in Denmark. The firm is giving rivals (there are 975 bakeries in the country) a run for their money by using only the best natural ingredients.

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Jacob Jensen

Jacob Jensen’s products for Bang & Olufsen made design history in the 1960s and 1970s, but his design philosophy is perhaps more relevant today than ever. For an imaginary final lunch he chooses the “incredibly well-desi…

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Expo 15: Happy union

Lo-skolen was established in the tradition of Denmark’s folk schools, set up to provide courses for workers without access to university education. The school’s architects Jarl Heger and Karen & Ebbe Clemmensen designed…

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The man of modem

It creates the ultimate communications equipment that allows everyone from troops in Afghanistan to sailors in the Atlantic to be constantly a call away. And now Thrane & Thrane is finding that information junkies and…

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Show jumper

Its hardwearing woollen sweaters were once regulation wear for Danish schoolchildren and fishermen, but now the perennial anti-fashion brand SNS Herning is enjoying an international revival, with top-line designers fuelling…

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Yo smushi

Danish design hardly needs encouragement but Rud Christiansen’s The Royal Cafe places the country’s High Modernism in its proper regal and culinary context. Pull up a bespoke Ant chair for global food, iconic branding and…

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Arty food

When Knud W Jensen, founder of the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art died in 2000, successor Poul Erik Tøjner moved into his beachfront office, a former boat lacquery crammed with vintage Danish design. After initial doubts…

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Mussel men

For years Danish fishermen have dredged the country’s waters for mussels to be frozen or canned. But now environmentally aware pioneers are growing the molluscs on lines and selling their fresh produce to people willing…

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The ritt parade

She was once forced out of government for living it up at the Ritz. Now, as mayor of Copenhagen, Ritt Bjerregaard wants everyone to enjoy the good life. She’s busy pioneering ‘Copenhagenism’, an attempt to promote sustai…

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50 things to improve your life

In search of a new architect to do something with that plot of land in northern Vermont? Keen on a new tonic to give you a little tingle when you stride to work? Want to find a place to peel off the layers for an early…



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