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Rise again

Set in the sweeping hills of Tuscany’s wilder neighbour, Castello di Reschio adds a keen eye for historic Italian design to its rustic setting.

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11. Nature’s call

You don’t have to launch your new business in a city. The sisters behind a Tuscan resort are proving that the countryside is where you can put down your roots and flourish.

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21. Travel to the globe

By forcing its viewers out of their comfort zones in galleries, Olafur Eliasson’s Alpine installation offers an immersive perspective on our relationship with the planet and its place among the stars. It’s time to find…

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Stepping forward

In Veneto, despite economic uncertainty, traditions hold on and Italians stay sharp in style and business.

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Club culture

What’s the right recipe for luxury? To find the answer, we visit an historic hotel where familiarity meets grandeur.


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Rough diamond

The creative residents of Sicily’s delightfully unpolished capital have claimed their home town as a hub for art and design – and a haven for anyone looking to soak up the sun and sea.

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36. Next on the menu

Italian chef Massimo Bottura – holder of three Michelin stars, founder of Food for Soul charity dining halls and host of the ‘Kitchen Quarantine’ cookalong – concocts a recipe for how restaurants can adapt to survive the…

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Living off the land

Once a wreck, the refurbished Tuscan estate of Potentino is now a draw for city slickers keen to put urban life behind them and get back to the land – even if it means digging ditches for free.

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Back to bright

After years in the doldrums, beloved Italian brand Benetton is getting a spring in its step. Newly appointed artistic director Jean-Charles de Castelbajac is taking the company back to its roots with a welcome dose of pop…

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Crowd pleasers

Italians, even in the smallest of towns, make big demands on their luxury fashion emporiums. A special network gives them a helping hand.

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Meeting of minds

Rocky but relaxed, this French-administered, Italian-influenced Mediterranean island is undergoing an awakening. Artisanal industries and unspoilt beaches – along with new transport connections – are bringing a grande armée…

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Toque of the town

Want to become the next great Italian chef? Then head to a palace in northern Italy that’s training the next generation of star cooks.

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Bigger picture

Camera designer Alessandro Gibellini is developing a rare but lucrative business in modern large-format models.

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Past lives

The Missoni designer looks to the past for inspiration as she drives her family brand forward.

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Task force

Steering one of Italy’s largest media companies is just part of Monica Mondardini’s job portfolio. The CEO tells us about the steely resolve that keeps her business decisions on track.

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Branching out

An Italian company has taken inspiration from nature to design a graceful outdoor gym. The collaboration, using specially developed materials, is robust enough to survive in public spaces but beautiful enough to avoid…

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Expo 86: Polizia di Stato

A former baronial castle in South Tyrol offers an arresting getaway for both serving and retired officers in the Italian police force.

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Precious time

The Biennale des Antiquaires is where the world’s top jewellers dazzle crowds with their most extravagant one-off creations – pieces that often take years to create. And in a buoyant market fuelled by the timeless desire…

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Rossana Orlandi

Italy’s ‘capa’ of the design world, Rossana Orlandi, feels most like herself when she’s at the dinner table. Over lunch, she tells us why.


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