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C 61


Clearing the air

Deutsche Welle broadcasts TV and radio and in 30 languages worldwide. Established in 1953, today the public broadcaster is more important than ever – as a tool for public diplomacy.

L 61


Expo 61: Mighty Mittelstand

They may not be sexy but the small firms that make everything from dog leads to lifting gear are the fuel powering Germany’s economy.

A 48


Special envoys

As embassies struggle to retain a foothold in a diversifying (and cost-cutting) world, the role of the diplomat is changing beyond recognition. We meet the next generation.

L 44


Expo 44: The Call of Berlin

At the height of socialist East Germany’s power, workers from Mozambique and Vietnam came to the GDR thanks to the political ideologies their countries shared. But when the Wall came down, they had to make the decision…

A 41


Together again

In the first of a new series examining the possible turn of events in future scenarios, Monocle looks at how the reunification of North and South Korea might unfold.

A 37


Sharing nicely

It may still be in its infancy, but can Daimler's car2go flexible car-sharing service really provide enough vehicles to meet demand while offering realistic ease of use and affordability? Monocle puts it to the test.

B 36


Top of the glass

A family business has been producing a simple niche product for five decades. By making the most of its employees’ expertise to constantly refine the “perfect” glass washer, it now sells to more than 50 countries.

B 30


Raining supreme

For our series investigating the secrets of success, Monocle visits Austrian company Doppler, Europe’s biggest manufacturer of quality umbrellas. Its top product has been handcrafted in the same way since the 1940s.

B 29


From coal to cool

Thanks to its excellent universities, international transport links and super bright, skilled workforce, this former mining city in Germany’s Ruhr valley has been transformed into a hive for hi-tech firms.

L 29


Expo 29: How I Govern

Some live in danger and need armoured protection. Some deal with deep poverty and ongoing provincial wars. Others have ‘noodle’ meetings, tend to high society and take power naps and weekly fasts. from Nagasaki to washin…


A 29


Dungaree diplomats

When a flood devastates Uganda or an earthquake strikes Pakistan, Germany’s THW gets some of the first aid workers on the ground. Mostly volunteers, they are part of Germany’s soft power arsenal.

C 27


We’re all ears

Sennheiser is a company of obsessives that have spent decades perfecting headphone and microphone technology to produce the most authentic sound. This nerdish persistence has paid off, as the loyalty of its customer base…

D 27



An elegant summerhouse by Norwegian firm JVA, Pukeberg’s handcrafted glass from Sweden’s Kingdom of Glass district and a sleek stool collection by Melbourne’s Yellow-Diva. Plus a catch-up with Kengo Kuma about his latest…

B 14


Health visitors

Affluent Arabs used to head to hospitals in the US when they needed treatment. But now, post-Iraq, they are increasingly choosing Germany’s private clinics. With the average foreign patient spending an estimated €80,000 a…

B 13


Under growth

With roads gridlocked, delivering goods in the world’s cities is a growing problem. One engineer believes the answer lies in underground Victorian-style pneumatic pipes and he has some powerful backers.


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