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Happiness lab

According to the UN, Finns live in the world’s happiest nation – which is news to many of them. Look a little deeper though and it’s clear that decades of government-led tweaks to Finnish life have conjured up a surprising…

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Talking point

Provoking the ire of authority, reversing a decade of nationalism, taking the sting out of the news and the evolution of a pop persona. These matters – and more – are discussed by people of influence.


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The other half

For better or worse, first ladies and first men have the opportunity to be the softer face of an administration. Who gets it right?

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Recovery position

Katrin Jakobsdottir is a rare thing: a scandal-free, left-wing prime minister who believes in compromise. She takes a break to spread the word about Iceland’s economic success.

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Cometh the hour

Still basking in the warm afterglow of April’s peaceful revolution, Armenia’s prime minister Nikol Pashinyan knows the hard work starts now. Can he deliver what his people expect?

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Big ideas

Urban transformation often begins on a local scale, as these inspiring initiatives prove

B 114


Ask the experts

Auckland’s mayor, a Slovenian urban planner and Taiwan’s cycling maven all have one thing in common: they want to improve the way you get from A to B.

L 2018


Food for thought

Culinary connoisseurs on the propaganda of provenance, the cookbook’s longevity, how to spot a good restaurant, drunken conventions, eating vicariously and divine produce.


L 111


Perfect blend

Russell Norman on managing a sumptuous spread of restaurants while writing a smorgasbord of compelling cookbooks.

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Give peace a chance

Donald Trump’s views on Jerusalem have left many feeling all hope of peace between Israelis and Palestinians is lost. But even now powerful campaigners are breaking the divide with a different message.

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Rock solid

For Lebanese rockers Mashrou’ Leila, a trusted crew is vital to make sure their music is heard over the controversy.

A 109


The vision thing

From a state-of-the-art concert hall to an international court and the murkiest waters of diplomacy, we meet the leaders who trust their instincts in tricky times.

B 108


Drama queen

The director-general of Denmark’s public broadcaster on making an impact at home and abroad with hard news and show-stopping drama – and how she keeps her head in the game.

L 105


Happiness is...

We like things orderly, safe and to run to time but this doesn’t have to mean sanitised, tightly cropped and lacking edge.


L 104


Louder than bombs

US armed forces have a secret weapon: a jazz band that knows how to take a nation by storm.


A 102


Uniting nation

Having only 430,000 fellow countrymen hasn’t stopped Maltese prime minister Joseph Muscat from becoming an EU leader of influence.

A 100


Action station

Tactical task forces, state surveillance, shapely security measures hidden in plain sight: we find out how officials in Mexico, Israel and the UK are working to make their cities safer, from the heavy-handed to the out-of…

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Consuls and carols

Being a diplomat requires you to be proficient at wining and dining guests – and at no time will you be more inundated than the Christmas period. We visit three festive residences – that of the Czech ambassador to the UK…

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What does it really mean to be Canadian? Is it an open-minded acceptance of refugees, being a leader on the world stage or perhaps even an affinity with an imagined idyll? We ask five natives to shed some light on this ever…

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Living colour

The city formerly known as ‘Deadmonton’ has been reanimated – and its vital signs are good. With an entrepreneurial spirit that’s as strong as any, it seems the Big E is coming alive.

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Distant concerns

In Canada’s far-flung communities the established media can seem distant, out of touch and even irrelevant. We take a look at some of the independent media outlets covering the country’s more isolated corners.


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