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Down to a fine art

Running a successful business in the arts comes naturally to London gallery owner Stephen Friedman, who credits his success to his marketing background and having a good eye. Here he reveals all about the art of running a…

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Reaping rewards

Entrepreneurial spirit and loyal locals are helping to nurture Vancouver’s budding businesses, whether they are making sake, hardy footwear or chocolate. Monocle finds a city investing in itself and enjoying the benefits…

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Campus visionary

When Ron Thom was commissioned to design a university in Peterborough 50 years ago, his unique artistic approach set him apart from his Canadian peers – and hasn’t been topped since. Monocle takes a tour around campus.

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Acquired tastes

Inspired by a creative affinity for the country, a band of Japanese craftsmen have set up shop in Italy. Monocle speaks to a shoemaker, glass artist and tailor about embracing the techniques and traditions of their foreign…

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Special brews

Canada’s largest city has recaptured its taste for craft brewing and in the process kindled the spirit of urban regeneration. Monocle finds the independent brewers revitalising this industry and barrelling ahead to take on…

E 70


Edward Burtynsky

Canadian photographer Edward Burtynsky, famous for his large-format industrial landscapes, invites us to Toronto’s Splendido for an Italian-inspired feast.

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Ready for take off

Bombardier is the family-run Canadian aerospace and rail-industry giant whose expertise spans generations. After weathering the financial crisis, Bombardier CEO Pierre Beaudoin is setting the firm’s ambitions ever higher…

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The north lives here

The intrepid team at Canadian radio and TV service CBC North report on everything from whale hunting to minus 40C weather conditions. Monocle braves the harsh terrain to meet them at their headquarters in Yellowknife.

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Flying in style

Gander International Airport in Canada was once the largest and most stylish airport in the world, where locals mingled with celebrities. Today it faces a battle to hold on to its glamorous reputation – and its passenger…

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Changing times

The MBA has always been a target for executives looking to rise up the ranks. But be it globalisation, economic instability or the tech boom, the business world is constantly shifting in both its fortunes and its focus. How…

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Living at the movies

As artistic director for the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), Cameron Bailey watches 700 films a year. But with midnight meetings, hectic schedules and nervous producers, it’s not all fun and games for Toronto’s…

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Hong Kong's art-film channel celebrates its first birthday and gallery guides get smart.

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With its beautiful, spacious art nouveau houses and cosmopolitan feel, Saint-Gilles is proving a draw for those looking for fresh pastures.

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Taps and tales

From toilets and baths to energy-efficient heating systems, the world’s biggest sanitation trade fair is where you’ll first see the technology that eventually makes it into our bathrooms. Monocle pays a visit.

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A cut above

The successful passing down of knowledge from master to apprentice can take years of hard work and practice before its benefits start to be seen. It’s this level of craft and attention to detail that helps create some of…

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Principles of style

We ask two fashion buyers what they look for when selecting brands for their shop and for their top picks for this season and beyond.

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The Junction

With its well-preserved streets and redbrick housing, the Junction is home to small shops and galleries and a new generation of residents.

C 59


Wish lists

As the days get shorter and gift lists grow longer, we asked some of our favourite bright minds to think up the perfect holiday night in with film, music and books.

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Written diagnosis

‘The Lancet’ has been in existence for 189 years and is considered an institution in the publishing industry. Monocle meets the staff of the British medical weekly that is always authoritative and occasionally controversial…

D 56



A Q&A with London designer Christopher Raeburn, refashioned army clothing, and the best pair of aviators.

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Living for the city

Great cities adapt and change like their residents. The process of finding a favourite has been a global undertaking that confirmed and renewed our love of exciting urban centres. The following make up Monocle’s top 25.

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Telly Cities

No matter how much money and effort is put into marketing your city, if you want tourists to visit and everyone to know its name, nothing compares to having a popular TV series being filmed in your city. Monocle looks at…


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