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The Menu, 279

17 February 2017

The Austrian restaurateur fighting conventions and the wine-subscription service getting customers out of their comfort zones. Plus: why saffron is not just for risotto, buns and biryanis.


The Monocle 100, 11

16 February 2017

Get some music tips for your next journey, whether you want the perfect pop playlist or something ambient with which to unwind.


The Menu, 278

10 February 2017

Jamie Oliver on the successes, failures and the biggest lessons he has learned over the course of his career, plus the week’s top headlines from the US.


The Monocle 100, 10

9 February 2017

Monocle's editor in chief, Tyler Brûlé, sits down with Tom Edwards to discuss the magazines that he won't board a plane without.


The Menu, 277

3 February 2017

US food writer Colman Andrews on why the world should be more appreciative of British food, Hong Kong’s brand new food-truck pilot project and the week’s top headlines from Tokyo.


The Monocle 100, 9

2 February 2017

Monocle’s culture editor Robert Bound picks the ideal books to take on your next trip.


The Menu, 276

27 January 2017

How a new wine from the Basque Country is causing a commotion among the area’s producers, the most prominent coffee trends in 2017 and the week’s top headlines from around Europe.


The Monocle 100, 8

26 January 2017

We head to London’s Libreria to discuss its philosophy and the books and bookshops it takes inspiration from.


The Menu, 275

20 January 2017

A Finnish restaurant where customers enjoy takeaway food, French master-baker Eric Kayser on what makes a successful bakery, the week’s top headlines from Down Under and the benefits of cooking with nut butter.


The Monocle 100, 7

19 January 2017

From Qingdao to Lisbon, we visit five places with unrivalled architecture, art, designers, fashion and retail.



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