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Future of travel

2 February 2017

We find out how the world of mobility is changing and what challenges lay ahead for car-sharing, single-pilot planes and slow travel.


Entrepreneurs: Casa Bonay

25 August 2016

Monocle Films travels to Barcelona to meet 32-year-old entrepreneur Inés Miró-Sans, who is busy shaking up the hotel industry. We check in to Casa Bonay to find the key to its success.


Tasmania: buoyant business

5 August 2016

Monocle Films meets a world-class ship builder that’s staying afloat despite being adrift in far-flung Tasmania. Incat’s prized vessels have set records for speed but it’s the island’s skilled workers that keep the company…


On the move

7 June 2016

From bus to bike to car, how we get around is changing and evolving in surprising ways. Who are the interesting innovators developing the networks of the future? Monocle Films set up a global mobility audit at the Monocle…


Retail special: gin distilleries

28 January 2016

Just like craft breweries, small local distilleries are reinventing drinks that have fallen out of fashion. Monocle films visits three entrepreneurs who have uncorked the potential of the old spirit in London, Hamburg and…


Wine special: South Tyrol

24 December 2015

A new generation of wine producers in South Tyrol has shifted the focus from quantity to quality, now successfully concentrating on what makes the tipple from this region so special. We visit Merano Wine Festival to meet…


Spotlight on Bavaria

16 December 2015

Bavaria is Germany’s largest and most dynamic state, combining industrial might with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Here, we take a tour through the Bundesland’s cities, towns and rural villages and discover a region that…

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