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Image one

01 Wireless speaker by Urbanears;
02 Rice beer by Yeastie Boys;
03 Vase by La Petite Fabrique de Brunswick;
04 Wooden bird by Skandium;
05 Olive oil by Kalios;
06 Sweet wine by Limnos Wines;
07 Wooden box by Asahiyaki;
08 Tea by Man Cha Teas;
09 Robin by Gisela Graham from Liberty;,
10 Matches by Arket;
11 Chocolate by Lotte from Japan Centre;,
12 Sweet dumpling squash from Newington Green Fruits and Vegetables
13 Baubles from Objects of Use; 14 Lamp by Minimalux;
15 Wooden trees by Forge Creative;
16 Pepper mill by Peugeot from Arket;,
17 Bowl from Native & Co;
18 Foldable star by Kosticks;
19 Brass knives from Native & Co;
20 Dog bowls by Kind for Dogs;
21 Bike bell by Crane;
22 Coaster by Octaevo;
23 Bowl by Figgjo;

Image two

01 Candleholder by Minimalux;
02 Candleholder by Stelton from SCP;;
03 Corkscrew from Barbican Shop;
04 Wooden bird by Skandium;
05 Candle by SCP;
06 Rice cooker by Kinto from SCP;;
07 Kitchen utensil by Hawkins New York;
08 Lamp by Established & Sons;
09 Winter squash from Newington Green Fruits and Vegetables; +44 (0)20 7354 0990
10 Toothbrush by Jordan from Hay;;
11 Cup by King Tak Hong;
12 Doorstop by Kvadrat from SCP;,
13 Pencil by Viarco from A Vida Portuguesa;,
14 Mrs Claus by Kay Bojesen;
15 Room scent and matches by Hibi;
16 Wooden hippo by Kay Bojesen from Skandium;,
17 Ghostbusters toy by Playmobil;
18 Mug by Marimekko;
19 Spoon by Dansk;
20 String from A Vida Portuguesa;
21 Soap from A Vida Portuguesa;
22 ‘In Search of Lost Books’ by Giorgio van Straten;
23 Mustard by Moutarde de Meaux;
24 Brass box by Best Made Co;
25 Fox slippers by Sew Heart Felt from SCP;;
26 Wooden bird by Skandium;

Image three

01 Salt and pepper shakers by Moma Design Store;
02 Alcoholic lemonade by Mack;
03 Crasto Superior 2014 wine from Philglas & Swiggot;
04 Lamp by Edizioni Design;
05 Chopsticks by Yumakano;
06 Cup and carafe by Schneid;
07 Fruit juice by Gardu Muti;
08 Scoop by Bloomingville from Southbank Centre Shop;;
09 Griddle pan by Crane;
10 Perfume by Son Venin;
11 Pen by Livework;
12 ‘Finding Brutalism’ by Simon Phipps;
13 Notebook by The Damn Good Shop from K+;;
14 Pen case by YStudio;
15 Kitchen utensils by Hawkins New York;
16 Carnival squash from Newington Green Fruits and Vegetables; +44 (0)20 7354 0990
17 Notebook by Stalogy;
18 Wooden tree by Forge Creative;
19 Candle by Moon Laboratory;
20 Spectacles by Viu;

Image four

01 Lamp by Pablo Carballal;
02 Tealight holders by Skultuna;
03 Cracker from Liberty;
04 Artichoke from Fortnum & Mason;
05 Tie by Drake’s from Trunk Clothiers;;
06 Napkin from Hay;
07 Masking tape by MT from Arket;,
08 Toy drum by Goki from Arket;;
09 Slicer by Graef;,
10 Nail brush from J Glinert;
11 Jam by Rufino 1949;
12 ‘Flotsam’ by Ward Roberts;
13 Pencil by Kartotek Copenhagen;
14 Spectacles by Viu;
15 Cider by Goldkehlchen;
16 Notebook by Octaevo;
17 ‘Post-modern Buildings in Britain’ by Geraint Franklin and Elain Harwood;
18 Shaving cream by Frédéric Malle;
19 Hair products by Oliver J Woods;
20 Masking tape by MT from Arket;,
21 Apple strudel Christmas pudding by The Carved Angel;
22 Porcelain bird by Mud Rock Ceramics;

Image five

01 Vase by Marimekko;
02 Knife sharpener from Native & Co;
03 Crispbread by Leksands;
04 Fudge by Farrah’s from Liberty;;
05 Honey by Fortnum & Mason;
06 Flavoured syrup by Sirupier de Berne;
07 Handwash by Arket;
08 Soap by Tangent GC;
09 Bike helmet by Dashel;
10 Bauble from Objects of Use;
11 ‘Flights’ by Olga Tokarczuk and ‘Notes From No Man’s Land’ by Eula Biss;
12 Wooden toy from Barbican Shop;
13 Watch by Kitmen Keung;
14 Lamp by Louis Poulsen from Skandium;;
15 Typewriter by Adler from Southbank Centre Shop;
16 Wehlener Sonnenuhr riesling spätlese 2013 from Selfridges;
17 Paperclips by Areaware;
18 Perfume by Maya Njie;
19 Pen by Minimalux;
20 Notebooks by The Damn Good Shop from K+;;

Image six

01 Salt and pepper mills by Soeder;
02 Pasta portioner by A Vida Portuguesa;
03 Lager by Dugges;
04 Drawing pen by Kokuyo;
05 Sketchbook by Think of Things;
06 Label tag from The Conran Shop;
07 Biscuits by Fujiya from Japan Centre;
08 Trainers by Veja;
09 Label tag by Esme Winter;
10 Pen by Lamy;
11 Candle by Becandle;
12 Scissors by Solingen from Manufactum;;
13 Soap from A Vida Portuguesa;
14 Plates by Kihara;
15 Card holder by Papier Tigre;
16 Sunglasses by Viu;
17 Cards by Princeton Architectural Press;
18 Xylophone by Brandnewnoise;
19 Tea caddy from Japan Centre;
20 Wallet by Postalco;
21 Teapot by Kinto;
22 Lip salve by CO Bigelow from Liberty;;
23 Pepper bowl by Bordallo Pinheiro from A Vida Portuguesa;;
24 Outdoor cooker by Netherton Foundry Shropshire from Another Country;;
25 Knife and fork by Dansk;

Image seven

01 Vincentini Agostino Il Casale from Philglas & Swiggot;
02 Jug by Riedel;
03 Chutney from Rosebud Preserves;
04 Bee hotel by Side by Side Design from The Conran Shop;;
05 Pepper-shaped cocotte by Staub from Borough Kitchen;,
06 Knife by Ivo from A Vida Portuguesa;;
07 Bowl by Georg Jensen;
08 Cup by King Tak Hong;
09 Chestnuts and walnuts from Newington Green Fruits and Vegetables; +44 (0)20 7354 0990
10 Fire-tending tool by Eldvarm from Skandium;,
11 Lip salve by CO Bigelow from Liberty;;
12 Pencil by Kartotek Copenhagen;
13 Stationery by Kartotek Copenhagen;
14 Orange from Newington Green Fruits and Vegetables; +44 (0)20 7354 0990
15 Cheese board from Another Country;
16 Brass trivet by Graf from Goods For The Study;
17 Stationery by Kartotek Copenhagen;
18 Fig-and-almond cake from Selfridges;
19 Blocks from Gautier Studio;
20 Chocolate by Meiji from Japan Centre;
21 Matches by Arket;
22 Pan by Iittala;

Image eight

01 Wooden horse by Skandium;
02 Knife by Victorinox;
03 Steel tray by Kokuyo;
04 Headphones by Aedle;
05 Pouch by Ichizawa Hanpu x Trunk;
06 Matches by Leo Burnett Design;
07 Bookend by Muuto;
08 Pot from Kinto;
09 Socks by Rototo from Trunk Clothiers;,
10 Gin from Berliner Brandstifter;
11 Coffee pot by Hay from Moma Design Store;;
12 Bowls by Feinedinge;
13 Crab from Prawn on the Lawn;
14 Knife from Native & Co;
15 Stilton from Paxton & Whitfield;
16 Cheddar from Paxton & Whitfield;
17 Italian chestnut from Newington Green Fruits and Vegetables; +44 (0)20 7354 0990
18 Chopping boards from Another Country;
19 Shaving cream by Claus Porto;
20 Tin canister by Think Of Things;
21 Christmas tree decoration by Gisela Graham from Liberty;,
22 Candlestick by Georg Jensen x Ilse Crawford from SCP;
23 Paperweight from J Glinert;
24 Perfume by Abel;
25 Salt and pepper mills by Florian Hauswirth;


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