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The centuries-old Thai philosophy of lamiat (lá-mîat) says that life should be approached as a work of art, where details are continually refined in the pursuit of perfection. The spirit of lamiat infuses Chang, the iconic beer of Thailand, thanks to its meticulous craftsmanship, respect for discipline, harmony of flavours and refreshing taste.

01 Craftsmanship

Chang selects only the finest barley and hops to produce its delicious golden lager. A commitment to using the best ingredients results in an unparalleled, distinctive taste.

02 Respect

In Muay Thai boxing, discipline is born of respect. Following this mode of thinking, Chang shows respect to its product, brand and customers in its strict adherence to quality control.

03 Refreshment

Chang is brewed with crystal-clear water from Thailand’s artesian wells to create a refreshing drink that stays smooth to the last drop and leaves a crisp, light-tasting finish.

04 Harmony

Festivities in Thailand blend the country’s traditional values with its vibrant culture. Chang perfectly captures this Thai spirit of celebration through the balance and harmony of its flavours.


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