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Japanese brand Eyevan is an iconic name in the eyewear industry. Founded in 1972, it set out to revolutionise spectacle design; although the brand went into hibernation in 2003, a new label, Eyevan 7285, was launched in 2013. Highly skilled craftspeople in Sabae, where Eyevan is made, have been making glasses by hand for more than a century, which is why the quality of the eyewear is second to none. Eyevan specs and sunglasses have been seen on everyone from Princess Diana to Madonna; it’s a testament to the level of design and manufacturing that top fashion brands come to Eyevan to take care of their eyewear collections.


Today’s Eyevan has four different labels: Eyevan, Eyevan 7285, 10 Eyevan and the Japan-only Eyevol. In autumn 2017 a classy six-piece capsule collection was launched. As reincarnations of the original Eyevan, these meticulously handmade glasses combine classic design with state-of-the-art materials. Fresh Eyevan designs will be added for the spring/summer collection.

Eyevan 7285

Named after the golden age of the original Eyevan – from 1972 to 1985 – Eyevan 7285 was launched in 2013 with an edgier fashion DNA. The Eyevan design team draws inspiration not only from vintage glasses and binoculars but also from the best Japanese architecture and design. New eyewear collections come out twice a year.

10 Eyevan

This minimalist line uses 10 individual parts of extraordinary quality, all made in Japan. Over three years of research and development, in-house designer Hirotaka Nakagawa worked with specialists to produce the finest original components, including natural shell nose pads, clip-on sunglasses and 18K gold tips that balance the arms perfectly on ears.


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