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So you’ve booked your ticket for Brisbane, Basel or Bordeaux but now you need a little inspiration. We’ve amassed a few items for keeping your valuables dry, affairs arranged and self looking smart no matter where in the world you find yourself. Expect snappy waterproofs, picnic kit and prize finds from around the world. Dive in.

  1. Bag
    This fluorescent bag is lightweight and water-resistant, handy for stashing your riverside gear.

  2. Protective case
    Make sure your electronic devices stay safe from harm with this polycarbonate case, which is waterproof and impact resistant.

  3. Swimsuit cleaner
    Roullier White
    This lime-scented swimwear wash is handmade in the UK and prevents colours fading so those bright yellow budgie smugglers won’t lose their dazzle.

  4. Rucksack raft
    Above Below
    Pop your belongings into this wetbag and inflatable raft combo and you can tow your picnic across to the other bank. Neatly packable and capable of transporting 70 litres of goodies from A to B and back again.

  5. Sun lotion
    This 30spf waterproof sun protection from London-based Saltee contains essential oils to soothe your aching muscles after a front crawl session.

  6. Dry bags
    This colourful selection of pouches is water and dirt proof so you can take a relaxing dip safe in the knowledge that your belongings are protected.

  7. Liferaft keyring
    Force 4
    This handy flotation device will stop your keys sinking like a stone.

  8. Camera
    This hardy camera can be submerged up to 10 metres. Snap while you swim.

  9. Headphones
    These waterproof, wireless headphones can be paired with your phone – just make sure your device is waterproof too.


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