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The world’s eyes have been firmly fixed on Japan as the country has hosted a string of events – from the G20 Summit to Emperor Naruhito’s enthronement ceremony – in the run-up to the Olympics. These occasions have highlighted the country’s ability to deliver down-to-the-second precision. Visitors, meanwhile, have been welcomed by hosts who aren’t afraid to go the extra mile. While this has placed the art of Japanese hospitality firmly under the microscope, there are plenty more lessons that the world can glean from other sectors across the country.

Japan’s demographic shifts, for example, pose a major challenge to its economy but they are being met with proactive solutions that other countries would do well to heed. The Japanese experience of natural disasters has produced innovation in areas from building resilience to recovery efforts. This expertise has also become increasingly valuable internationally, amid an ever-more volatile global climate in which many countries are looking to upgrade their defences.

While moving to counter these challenges, Japan is also consolidating its high-quality craftsmanship and architectural excellence, helping to define the exports that set the country apart on the world stage.


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