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Wood nook

To some guests’ chagrin, the hotel replaced its rustic panelling with untreated spruce. Resistance soon crumbled as everyone came around to its elegant charm.


The Schnieders have redesigned an old barn to be a living and gallery space. Downstairs the library’s picture window has a fantastic view of the slopes.


This extraordinary space was born out of necessity: the Schneiders were tired of clogging up Lech with their guests’ vehicles, which they were placing in the municipal carpark. They employed Japanese designer Shinichiro Ogata to create a space that is inspired by the forest and moon. There’s even a temperature-control system, which ensures that cars rest easy.


Beyond thoughtful design, impeccable hospitality lies at the heart of the Almhof Schnieder’s success. With staff and guests returning every season, there’s an easy familiarity between the two. Even families with their own chalets never miss a week in this luxurious home away from home.


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