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  1. King Jim
    Label writer
    We’re suckers for a sticky labelling system. Fond memories of punching out banalities on a 1980s Dymo labeller still linger and one of the best techniques we’ve seen for identifying stored crockery were hand-drawn images on the drawers of an armoire in a Lebanese beach house. Bringing the label-craze right up to date is King Jim, a Japanese stationery firm which has just launched this Tepra Pro SR600 digital printer. It will write multi-font gummed labels in both Japanese and English. A jazzy addition to any stationery cupboard.

  2. Olto Copenhagen
    Sushi kit
    First, the Royal Café in Copenhagen invented smushi, the combination of Danish and Japanese cuisines. Now, designer Jakob Christian Olrik has created a kit for Danish sushi fanciers. It’s easy to use and will look great in your Knud Kapper kitchen.

  3. Sapofactur
    Shower gel
    Finding a suitable salve to wash away the sand and salt after a day on the beach is essential and, on a recent visit to Vienna’s Saint Charles Apothecary, we found the ideal Duschgel for the job. German cosmetician Sapofactur produces a range of bracing shower gels and the lather from the Sizilianische Citrone reminds us of morning runs and alternative workouts in the Sicilian heat.

  4. Kaleem Books
    On a recent trip to Dubai we were introduced to Kaleem Books. Founded to publish and promote lost and found Arabic writings, the publisher was determined to release more visually stimulating material than was already available in Arabic. In addition to literature, Kaleem produces collectable notebooks with seriographed prints by UAE-born artist Khalid Mezaina adorning cover and pages.

  5. White Wings
    Paper gliders
    Dr Yasuaki Ninomiya is a legend in certain tight turning circles. He holds a doctorate in microwave measurement theory. He also designs these flawless paper aeroplanes and flies his own Cessna 182 for fun. Could he be any cooler?

  6. Cire Trudon
    Until the Monocle Hinoki No.1 candle launches we have fallen for French candlemaker Cire Trudon’s Abd El Kader boujis. Light the wick and it smells like an instant waft around the eponymous intellectual’s mountain mint patch. Heady stuff indeed.

  7. Atelier S/Z
    Lebanese husband and wife design team Ziad Abillama­ and Sibylle Tamer Abillama­ founded their atelier in Beirut in 2001 and have since built a product range that includes book shelves and tea pots. We dragged back this update of the traditional water pipe.

  8. Hirocoledge
    Hiroko Takahashi took the age-old Yukata-wearer’s habit of storing things in one’s sleeve and made a bag. She creates the patterns and all the bags are hand-dyed.

  9. Nine to Nine
    Madrid-based furniture designer Alberto Marcos is a big believer in nurturing design. “The smallest members of the family should grow up surrounded by contemporary, original and high quality design,” he says. He also believes that nursery furniture is too often discarded when a child outgrows it. To combat this he has created a range of Made in Spain furniture that is “beautiful, versatile and long-lasting”. The results are cots that convert into day beds, changing tables into side tables and this bench, which can be hung as shelving.

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