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  1. Christmas tree by Muji,
  2. Shoes by Duckie Brown for Florsheim, [](http://
  3. “Anish Kapoor” by Phaidon,
  4. Acqua Fiorentina fragrance,
  5. Frying pan by AGA,
  6. “I’m Only One” football by Sfida,
  7. Oxford & Cambridge bath oil,
  8. “Geranium” candle,
  9. Diana F+ camera,
  10. The Peninsula Tokyo sake set,
  11. Gloves by Paul Smith,


  1. “Everyday Harumi”,
  2. “Japanese Photobooks of the 1960s and ’70s”,,
  3. “Oscar Niemeyer” limited edition,
  4. “My Name is Charles Saatchi and I am an Artoholic”,
  5. “Nationalgalerie” by Thomas Demand,
  6. “Vefa’s Kitchen”,
  7. “Portfolio, Black White and Things & Seven Stories” by Robert Frank,

Grooming for him:

  1. Geranium leaf body cleanser and body balm,
  2. 1993 cologne,
  3. “Relax” body soap,
  4. Maple shaving brush,
  5. Aftershave cream,
  6. Black Fleece by Brooks Brothers Eau de Toilette for men,
  7. Ambre Nuit cologne,
  8. Moisturiser,
  9. “Fogbar” hairsprays,
  10. Saffron, Amber, Agarwood & Cardamom fragrance,
  11. Toothbrushes,
  12. No.88 fragrance with limited-edition flaçon,

Beauty for her

  1. red:juvenus lotion,
  2. Supremÿa anti-ageing cream,
  3. Parure Pearly White highlighter brush,
  4. SK-II Airtouch Foundation,
  5. red:juvenus essence,
  6. L’eau Ambrée showergel,
  7. Detox supplement,
  8. Coversticks,
  9. Clarisonic skincare brush,,
  10. Pepper, Jasmine, Gaiac wood & Passionfruit fragrance,
  11. Rosewood, Blackcurrant & Cyclamen fragrance,
  12. Jabu perfume,
  13. L’Or de Vie Crème Riche,
  14. Ultimate Revival Cream,
  15. Rouge G lipstick,


  1. “Straight” chair by George Nakashima for Knoll,
  2. Blanket by D. Bryant Archie Textiles,
  3. Teapot, cups and plate by Marimekko,,
  4. Glass spoons by Merci,
  5. Tray by George Nakashima,
  6. “Native” plates,
  7. Towels,
  8. LH 29 coffee set,
  9. Golvlampa Staken lamp,
  10. Coffee cups and saucers,
  11. Incense papers,
  12. Louis Vuitton “European City Guides 2010”,
  13. Hot water bottle cover,
  14. Fleurs Mécaniques perfume diffuser by Frédéric Malle,,


  1. Globe,
  2. DIY bird house,,
  3. Cardboard storage trunk,
  4. CIty Portraits: Tokyo, Naples, Athens, Rome, Reykjavik, Dubai, Los Angeles & Paris,
  5. Grupo Regina Hoteles notebook x guidebook,
  6. Rubber incense by Frédéric Malle,
  7. Zoo footballs by Sfida,
  8. Pack of cards for Shelter by 53 artists,
  9. World paper ruler,,
  10. “Tintin in America”,


  1. Arbequina olive oil,
  2. Bamboo containers,
  3. Set of knives,,
  4. “La Rousse Gastronomique”,
  5. Chocolates,
  6. Condiments and sauces including Bagna Cauda,
  7. Or Gris whetstones in three sizes,
  8. Wafer snacks by Higashiyama,
  9. Frying pan by Aga,
  10. Salt & Pepper pots,
  11. Il Borgo del Balsamico,,
  12. Japanese mame snacks by Higashiyama


  1. Grand Siècle champagne with cradle,
  2. Château Pontet-Canet, Pauillac, Bordeaux 2003,
  3. Acorn Liquor,
  4. Hine Antique XO Cognac,
  5. Mezes Maly 1999 Royal Tokaji,
  6. Tea in ceramic cups by Higashiyama,
  7. “Tong” wine magazine,
  8. Green tea packets by Higashiyama
  9. Ceramic espresso cups,


  1. Diana Mini camera,
  2. Cardboard flat-pack speakers,
  3. Nintendo Wii in black,
  4. Canon SELPHY compact photo printer CP770,
  5. Samsung N310 netbook by Naoto Fukasawa,
  6. Olympus Pen E-P1 camera,
  7. Sennheiser PXC 310 BT headphones,
  8. Vertu Ayxta phone,
  9. Wooden Lexon LA69 AM/FM Mini Dolmen Radio,


  1. Eames elephant by Vitra,
  2. Arco Riding Polar bear by Steiff,
  3. Vitra owl clock,,
  4. Flat-pack animal chairs by Eun Suk Bang,
  5. Wood spinning tops by Siddhartha Das,
  6. Cotton baby shoes by Marks & Web,
  7. Mug by Hanablomst,
  8. Bear by Rosendahl,,
  9. Lacquer and wood baby cutlery by Hanablomst,
  10. T-rex, lion and giraffe maplewood teethers by Little Alouette,
  11. Playshapes by Miller Goodman,
  12. Chicken skittles by Muji,
  13. Cradle cap oil, baby oil and shampoo by Erbaviva,
  14. Stilts by Vilac from Twentytwentyone,,

Women's accessories

  1. Jumper by Rag & Bone,
  2. Trainers by Bensimon,
  3. Baby alpaca scarf by The Inoue Brothers,
  4. Leather tote by Postalco,
  5. Glasses by Ralph Vaessen,
  6. Solid silver chain bracelets by Hermès,
  7. “Mari’s new bags” clutch by Marimekko,,
  8. Gloves by Paul Smith,
  9. Patent and leather pumps by Kat Maconie,
  10. “Manley” passport wallet by WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie,
  11. Wallet by Hugo Boss,

Men's accessories

  1. Leather mail bag by Postalco,
  2. Hat designed by hard graft for Mülhbauer,,
  3. Legal Envelope holder and travel wallet by Postalco,
  4. Tan, blue suede and canvas shoulder bag by Bstore,
  5. Baby alpaca scarf by The Inoue Brothers,
  6. Royal blue scarf by Lou Dalton,
  7. Glasses by Ralph Vaessen,
  8. Tie by Woolrich Woolen Mills,
  9. Gloves by Hackett,
  10. Suede lace-ups by Duckie Brown for Florsheim,
  11. Handkerchief by Hackett,
  12. Socks by Ayamé,
  13. Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Double Retrograde watch,

Grander Gifts

When money is no object but your imagination doesn’t stretch further than your wallet, we’ve come up with a few grander gestures guaranteed to put you in someone’s good books this Christmas.

  1. “WHY” Wally Hermès Yacht
    A covetable piece of design is the new “floating island” yacht from Hermès and Wally. Photovoltaic panels provide solar electricity to power the 3,400 sq m surface area of the “WHY”, giving it decidedly green credentials.

  2. Ski chalet by BKARK
    Commission Norwegian architecture firm Brendeland & Kristoffersen to build a cosy ski chalet that you can flock to with your nearest and dearest after a day on the slopes.

  3. Pot by Dame Lucie Rie
    Turn to auction house Maak London to purchase a work by the doyenne of understated design in contemporary ceramics, the late Dame Lucie Rie.

  4. First-edition Ian Fleming book
    A first-edition 007 author’s lesser-known book Thrilling Cities – a collection of non-fiction travel articles – will make any collector break into an excited sweat.

  5. Bespoke cashmere blazer by Sartoria Debernardis
    Altamura-based Italian suit-maker Sartoria Debernardis only make to order and their wrinkle-proof cashmere blazers are particularly easy on the eye.

  6. Pied-à-terre by Ciguë
    Turn to multi-skilled Parisian architects, designers and carpenters Ciguë, who will deliver an apartment that marries form, function and style.

  7. Handbag by Guy Chanel A bespoke, hand-made leather handbag by saddler and French luxury goods maker Guy Chanel.

  8. Piece of art by Andreas Gursky
    Kickstart an art collection with a photograph by Andreas Gursky. Known for dramatically large-scale photographs his “99 Cent II Diptychon” was the most expensive photograph ever sold.

  9. Bespoke furniture by Ejnar Pedersen
    Furniture by former founder of PP Møbler, Ejnar Pedersen sets the gold standard in both craft and design.

  10. Top to toe medical check-up
    Thailand’s Bumrungrad International hospital offers one of the most technologically advanced physical check-ups in the world. With next-day results the “Executive package” test includes liver, kidney, tumor and eye examinations. It also medically determines stress levels so you can keep an eye on your work and life balance.

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